UCL @ the Crick



For students still completing their undergraduate degree courses, there are opportunities for Sandwich placements and for those considering continuing their studies further, there is the PhD Programme.

PhD students at the Crick will work in a stimulating, interactive and international scientific environment with cutting edge facilities, extensive seminar series and a strong collaborative, multidisciplinary culture. 


Opportunities for students

Crick PhD Programme

The Crick PhD Programme delivers high-quality scientific training and transferable skills development to outstanding, ambitious and creative students.

Doctoral Fellowships for Clinicians

Crick doctoral fellowships for clinicians provide the opportunity for clinicians to perform innovative biomedical discovery research for three years while following the Crick's clinical PhD programme. 

Sandwich Student Programme

The Sandwich Student Programme is an opportunity for a motivated student to work in a real laboratory environment and to gain solid research experience that could point to a future career.