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Confocal microscopy

Instruments & Booking

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Please select your imaging system below for further details.

All users must have an account on our booking system and have received training from the facility manager before using any facility equipment.

All under-graduates and Masters students must be supervised while using high end facility equipment such as confocals & live imaging systems. This should be by their primary supervisor or a postdoc.

Facility Access Fee: £25 per quarter. All users will be charged an access fee every 3 months for the use of any of the facility equipment. Full facility charges are detailed here: Using the Facility - Facility Charges.

Services available:

  • user training
  • experimental design
  • sourcing of reagents and techniques; finding alternative approaches
  • data acquisition
  • data analysis - custom designed macros for automated analysis
  • data presentation.



 Confocal Microscopes

Zeiss LSM 710
Zeiss LSM 880
Spinning Disk confocal

Widefield imaging

Widefield Microscopes

A range of high quality systems for fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy (histological stained samples).

Nikon Ti2 live imaging system

Live Imaging

Nikon Ti2 with Kinetix camera and 8 channel LED. World class widefield system for live cell or fixed samples.

Imaging Workstations

Two workstations equipped with advanced imaging software.

Custom image analysis workflows and macros to automate your analysis. Contact the facility manager for advice. 

Funding and Acknowledgments

Please acknowledge use of the facility in all publications. Suggested text: Microscopy was performed at the Light Microscopy Core Facility, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health supported by the NIHR GOSH BRC award 17DD08.

The facility is funded in part by an award from the NIHR Great Ormond St Hospital BRC.

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