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Questions about a course, issues around enrollment, a tricky problem in need of solving or a class of young people seeking inspiration? Check the contacts list to see who might help


Senior team

Role Name Email
Director Helen Crossich.director@ucl.ac.uk
Co-Deputy Director (Education) Helen Bedfordh.bedford@ucl.ac.uk
Co-Deputy Director (Education) Jane Simmondsjane.simmonds@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Director (Institutional relations) JP Martinez-Barberaj.martinez-barbera@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services Support team

Role Name Email
Institute Manager Victoria Adriennev.adrienne@ucl.ac.uk
Executive Officer  Nicole Hofmansn.hofmans@ucl.ac.uk
Executive Assistant Sarah Birchenoughich.director@ucl.ac.uk

Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR GOSH BRC)

Role Name Email


 Thomas Voitt.voit@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Director of Operations NIHR   
 Laura TurnerLaura.Turner@gosh.nhs.uk


Senior team

Role Name Email
Co-Deputy Director (Education) Helen Bedfordh.bedford@ucl.ac.uk
Co-Deputy Director (Education) Jane Simmondsjane.simmonds@ucl.ac.uk
Co-Director Education (Clinical Academic Training) Terence Stephensont.stephenson@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) Mona Bajaj-Elliottm.bajaj-elliott@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) Gabriel Galeag.galea@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental Graduate Tutor (Teaching) Helen Bruceh.bruce@ucl.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research team

Role Name Email
Education Coordinator (Research) Alison Gilrya.gilry@ucl.ac.uk
Education Administrator (Research) Chris Nelsonchris.nelson@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) Mona Bajaj-Elliottm.bajaj-elliott@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) Gabriel Galeag.galea@ucl.ac.uk
Postgraduate Research Tutor Mary Fewtrellm.fewtrell@ucl.ac.uk
Postgraduate Research Tutor Dagan Jenkinsd.jenkins@ucl.ac.uk
Postgraduate Research Tutor Frederique Liegeoisf.liegeois@ucl.ac.uk
Postgraduate Research Tutor Andrew Stokera.stoker@ucl.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught Courses team

Role Name Email
Education Coordinator (PGT South) Sarah Bathies.bathie@ucl.ac.uk
Education Administrator (PGT South) Claire Moseleyclaire.moseley@ucl.ac.uk
Education Administrator (PGT South) Patricia Johnpatricia.john@ucl.ac.uk
Education Administrator (PGT South) Sharon Sagoos.sagoo@ucl.ac.uk
Education Administrator (PGT South) Katherine Irwinkatherine.irwin.18@ucl.ac.uk

Contact details for other education staff, organised by degree programme and role

Research and Teaching Departments

Developmental Biology and Cancer 

Role Name Email
Head of Department Nick Greenen.greene@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Department David Longd.long@ucl.ac.uk
Department Manager Susan Lloydsusan.lloyd@ucl.ac.uk
Department Support Services team PSS Team - Genericich.dbc.admin@ucl.ac.uk

Developmental Neurosciences

Role Name Email
Head of Department Torsten Baldewegt.baldeweg@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Department Manju Kurianmanju.kurian@ucl.ac.uk
Department Manager Myrto Chomatianoum.chomatianou@ucl.ac.uk
Department Support Services team PSS Team - Genericich.dn.admin@ucl.ac.uk

Genetics and Genomic Medicine

Role Name Email
Head of Department Hannah Mitchisonh.mitchison@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Department John Achermannj.achermann@ucl.ac.uk
Department Manager Hatty Goddardh.goddard@ucl.ac.uk
Department Support Services team PSS Team - Genericich.ggm.admin@ucl.ac.uk

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Role Name Email
Head of Department Claire Boothc.booth@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Department Joe Standingj.standing@ucl.ac.uk
Department Manager Vania de Toledov.toledo@ucl.ac.uk
Department Support Services team PSS Team - Genericich.iii.admin@ucl.ac.uk

Population, Policy and Practice

Role Name Email
Head of Department Claire Thorneclaire.thorne@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Department Lola Soleboa.solebo@ucl.ac.uk
Department Manager Emmanuelle Ngwanvah-Babirng Goldsejjngw@ucl.ac.uk
Department Support Services team PSS Team - Genericich.ppp.admin@ucl.ac.uk


Role Name Email
Finance Manager Jon Burtich-finance@ucl.ac.uk
Assistant Finance Manager Marta Misinaich-finance@ucl.ac.uk
Finance Officer Maria Macabulousich-finance@ucl.ac.uk
Finance Officer Claudia Dobritaich-finance@ucl.ac.uk
Assistant Research Grants Manager Radhika Karkhanisich-costing@ucl.ac.uk
Assistant Research Grants Manager Jasmin Noorich-costing@ucl.ac.uk
Research Grants Officer Shannisha Iqbalich-costing@ucl.ac.uk

Human Resources

Role Name Email
HR Manager Stephanie Ballstephanie.ball@ucl.ac.uk
Senior HR Administrator Katie Whiteich.hr@ucl.ac.uk
HR Administrator Madhur Sharmaich.hr@ucl.ac.uk
HR Administrator Khaled Islamich.hr@ucl.ac.uk

Lab Management | Health and Safety

Role Name Email
Head of Laboratory Management/ Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) Carla Curado Milagrec.milagre@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Head of Laboratory Management/ Deputy DSO Stuart Lawstuart.law@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Manager Hemlata Varsanih.varsani@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Manager Katy Barwickk.barwick@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Manager Elaine Baileye.bayley@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Manager Daniela Cardinaled.cardinale@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Manager Adam Dayadam.day@ucl.ac.uk
Procurement Officer Andy Costia.costi@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Management Assistant Ana Capotea.capote@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Aide Uhuru Lamberty.lambert@ucl.ac.uk
Lab Aide Vi-Hue Tranv.tran@ucl.ac.uk



Role Name Email
Facilities Manager Martin Jerredm.jerred@ucl.ac.uk
GOS ICH Reception Receptionich.reception@ucl.ac.uk
GOS ICH Portering Team Portering Teamichporters@ucl.ac.uk


Role Name Email
Librarian Grazia Manzottig.manzotti@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Librarian Heather Chestersh.chesters@ucl.ac.uk
Library Assistant - Training Hoi Voongh.voong@ucl.ac.uk
Library Assistant - ILL Sui Jing-Lys.ly@ucl.ac.uk
Library Assistant - Issue Desk Kit Snapec.snape@ucl.ac.uk


Role Name Email
IT Services Manager Trudi Andersonich-itsupport@ucl.ac.uk
IT and AV Officer John Salmanich-itsupport@ucl.ac.uk

Joint Research and Development Office contacts