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Widefield Imaging


Training is required before using facility equipment, please register and request training on PPMS.

Training is free for ICH / GOSH users. £50 per hour for other UCL users.

Fluorescence imaging - Book on PPMS.

  • #1 Leica upright manual 3 colour fluorescence scope with IDS 3260CP monochrome camera. High NA objectives (10x/0.4, 20x/0.7, 63x/1.2Water, 63x/1.4Oil, 100x/1.4). Good for slides. Link to user guide.
  • Olympus IX71 inverted TC scope with Hamamatsu Orca R2 monochrome camera. For cells in TC plates flasks and dishesLink to user guide.

Brightfield imaging (i.e H&E, DAB etc) - Book on PPMS.

Scope 2 can also do fluorescecne, but the scopes above are far better for fluorescence. These scopes are best for colour imaging of histology slides.

  • #2 Zeiss Axioplan2 - Zeiss Axiocam HRc colour camera (donated by NDU). Polarization contrast scope, see image below.
  • #5 Zeiss Axioplan2 - Zeiss Axiocam HRc colour camera (donated by MMU/NU).
  • Link to Kohler set up scope #2 (microscope set up) & Link to software guide.


Widefield imaging facilities are on the 3rd floor Main Building, rooms 310, 301 and 304. 

Operating instructions:

Follow links above. Also available: pixel sizes for scale bars and details of filter sets are in the Advice and Protocols pages.


detailed here

Picrosirius Red staining of collagen fibres under normal and polarized light.

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Polarization contrast highlights birefringent materials.