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UCL excels in all aspects of imaging of molecules, cells and tissues.

UCL imaging facilities

Substantial investment from the Wellcome Trust, UCL Research Platforms and other sources have provided state-of-the-art facilities, where researchers are interested in events that change in time at the organ, tissue, cell and molecular level using advanced imaging methodologies. 

A searchable database of all UCL imaging (and other equipment) can be found on the UCL research Platforms website.
All cell and tissue imaging core facilities can be contacted by e-mailing microscopy@ucl.ac.uk

Microscope Operating instructions

ICH image analysis software

  • Image analysis software available at ICH (both commercial and free open source) are described on the image analysis page

Fluorochrome spectrum viewer

Fluorescent Proteins 

  • FPbase - fluorescent proteins spectraviewer
  • FPvis - fluorescent proteins database 

Antibody Search Engine

  • BenchSci Searches antibodies PUBLISHED in peer reviewed journals. The validation has been done for you! This is a free resource for university staff. "BenchSci will always remain a free resource for universities, hospitals, government research and non-profits" Maurice Shen, founding member, BenchSci.

Education - websites, tutorials and videos teaching microscopy theory and best practice

Microscopy organisations