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Using the facility & charges

The facility is open to Institute of Child Health (ICH), Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH), UCL and external users.

To register for booking and request training please follow the instructions at this link: 

Book online

All instruments are available on first-come first-served basis.

To access the facility, ICH and GOSH users will need to have access authorised on their swipe card. Please email Dale Moulding your swipe card number. UCL and external users will need to call Dale to access the facility. 

The facility microscopes may only be used by those who have been trained by facility staff. Users who can demonstrate previous experience with similar microscopes may not need full training (at the discretion of facility staff) but will still need to be shown the cleaning procedures and have the rules of use of the facility explained.

All under-graduates and Masters students must be fully supervised while using facility equipment. This should be by their primary supervisor or a postdoc.

Users are welcome to book training sessions to learn how to use the microscopes correctly. Training can be given at any time when booked in advance.

Opening hours

Staffed hours:
9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday

The facility is open from 8am to 10:30pm, 7 days a week to ICH and GOS users. However anyone using the facility out of the normal working hours shown above must follow the appropriate lone worker rules.

For ICH staff see the ICH intranet Lone Working policy. GOSH staff should refer to their own policy for lone working.

Access Charges

£25 per quarter. Every 3 months each active user of the facility is charged a £25 access fee. This covers access to the free systems (including training), and advice on all imaging projects, from planning to execution and analysis.

Charges for confocal microscopy (hourly)

LSM710 & LSM880
  • £50 training by facility staff (3 hours for complete beginner)
  • £28 standard ICH rate
  • £35 non-ICH academic rate  
  • £20/25 weekends ICH / non-ICH            
  • £100 overnight time-lapse experiments (total fee)
  • £50 per hour for operation by facility staff
Spinning Disk
  • £14 

Charges for all other Microscopes & Workstations

  • £10 Zeiss Observer 4 colour automated fluorescence. Room 310
  • £5 Leica Upright fluorescence system. Room 310.
  • £1 Olympus Inverted fluorescence system. Room 304.
  • £1 Timelapse multipoint fluorescence live imaging system (Capped at £10 per day). Room 301.
  • £5 Workstation - Tinker Bell (Imaris, Huygens, Volocity)
  • Free Workstation - Peter Pan (Fiji/ImageJ, ICY, Matlab)
  • Free Histology scopes with colour cameras

Academic (Non-ICH) and Commercial users:

Training - £50 per hour. 

Microscope use - UCL - Typically 50% above to standard rates, minimum £5 per hour. Non-UCL 50-100% surcharge. Commercial POA.


Please follow the links in the booking menu on the right of the page. 

Cancellation (for chargeable microscopes)

Booking can be cancelled up to 24 hours beforehand without charge. Cancellations less than 24 hours ahead will be charged at half price unless taken up by another user or for a reason beyond the scientist control (subject to the facility manager agreement). 

Our booking system will automatically email interested users who have requested notification of cancellations.

Health and Safety

All users must read the risk assessment and the area code of practice for the confocal facility before using the facility.