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Zeiss LSM 880 upright confocal multiphoton microscope with Airyscan.

Book on PPMS.

User Guides: 

Start-up & shutdown & Objective cleaning.

System Overview:

Upright multiphoton confocal with water dipping long working distance objectives.

7 laser lines for excitation: 405; 458; 488; 514; 561; 594 and 633 nm.

SpectraPhysics Mai Tai eHP DeepSee multiphoton laser. 690-1040nm.

AiryscanFast for 1.7 fold improved resolution 8x improved Signal to noise.

(Check online or ask Dale if you are not sure which dye to use, 2-photon excitation doesn't work well for some fluorophores, such as Alexa647).



Non Descanned Detectors (Multi-photon) 2 x GaAsP plus 2 standard PMT NDD detectors with filter sets for blue (485 SP), green (500-550 BP), red (575-610 BP) and far red (640-710 BP)

Descanned Detectors (Single photon) 1 x GaAsP plus 2 standard PMT detectors


  • Super-resolution confocal imaging with AiryscanFast
  • Deep tissue imaging (RI matched objectives, 2 photon)
  • Ablations and dissection with 2-photon laser
  • GaAsP internal and external detectors for highest sensitivity
  • Z sectioning for 3D imaging
  • Transmitted light detector (DIC objectives)
  • FRET and FRAP
  • Live imaging (CO2, O2, humidity and temperature controlled chamber)
  • Multi-point experiments  (XYZ positions, tiling)
  • Variable stage speed for slow movement of delicate samples


  • User operation £28 per hour, reduced rate £20 at weekends
  • £35 per hour Non-ICH academic rate, £25 weekends
  • User operation £10 per hour of overnight time-lapse
  • Staff operation £50 per hour
  • Training session £50 per hour