Registration, Training and Booking of Instrumentation

In order to use the facility you must be registered as a user and attend an introduction to Mass Spectrometry Facility session.

Mass Spectrometry Registration Form

Please fill in the online form to register your interest in using the mass spectrometry facility.

An introduction session to mass spectrometry facility runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am in LG11.  

The facility has five open-access instruments:-

  • Shimadzu 8030 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer
  • Waters UPLC connected to SQD mass detector 
  • Waters UPLC connected to SQD2 mass detector 
  • Accela LC connected to LTQ mass spectrometer
  • Agilent 6530 QTOF LC-MS/MS

Please email us information about your application than we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and arrange a date/time of an one-to-one training on how to use a mass spectrometry instrument, during this session we will establish mass spectrometry analysis for your application. The MS training session will take 1-2 hours for MALDI and LC-MS, which also includes a safety induction. Training is open to PhD students and staff members of UCL. 

Training Prerequisites

Mass spectrometry equipment is expensive, poses electrical hazards. While the automated operation excludes many of the steps that may cause damage, the users must still follow a certain protocol when preparing and submitting their samples and avoid improvising in unfamiliar situations. Please read the following before attending MS training session. You will be first usually trained to use the Waters UPLC-SQD2, Shimadzu 6530 MALDI, and Waters UPLC-SQD. Once experienced, you will be trained to use the Agilent 6530 QTOF LC-MS/MS by the mass spectrometry staff.

Your sample

To avoid instrument downtime, use only LC-MS vials/caps from the mass spectrometry laboratory. You could obtain them from LG11, please take a whole pack of 100 vials and caps and sign the number of packs taken in the consumable book.

Avoid attaching paper labels or anything else to the LC-MS vials. For small volume samples, please use Thermo LC vials and caps also available from the mass spectrometry lab.  Alternately, you could use inserts, which could be found in the mass spectrometry laboratory. 

If the instrument is not working correctly or if you have any questions/concerns or the LC vial broken inside of the instrument, do not leave the mass spectrometry laboratory without notifying the mass spectrometry manager. Should this happen in the absence of the staff member, e-mail the mass spectrometry manager immediately (kersti.karu@ucl.ac.uk).

Booking the instrument time

Only trained and registered users nominated by their supervisor and approved by the mass spectrometry manager are allowed to book instrument time, enter the mass spectrometry laboratory and operate the instrument. For remote visualisation of acquired data, please install the necessary software.

Please book the instrument time slot (WEEKDAY/WEEKENDS included) using below booking system

Booking Calendars of Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation and Data Analyses computers