How to Submit Samples

The Facility provides analytical services for measurements of organic compounds, biochemical compounds and organo-metallic compounds.

In order to submit samples you must be registered as a user.

The registration and an introduction to mass spectrometry facility session are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am in LG11. 

There is no need for a preliminary arrangement.  

Routine mass spectrometry analyses:-

  • Accurate mass measurements with ESI in positive and negative mode. Mass range m/z 50-3,000 Da.
  • Low resolution mass measurements with EI or CI (ammonia or methane).  CI is in positive and negative mode. Mass range m/z 10 - 1,000 Da.
  • MALDI analysis
  • CapLC-MS analysis on bio-conjugated protein/peptide. Mass range m/z 1,000-6,000 Da. This LC-MS analysis normally becomes routine after discussion/establishing with the mass spectrometry staff of the sample preparation protocol and the required amount of protein for LC-MS analysis.

Sample submission information

To submit a sample, please fill out the Sample Submission form and send it with the sample to:- 

UCL Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility
Christopher Ingold Building
UCL Chemistry Department
20 Gordon Street

London WC1H 0AJ

You could bring your samples by person to LG11, Basement, UCL Chemistry Department and place into the tray located outside of the mass spectrometry laboratory.



The ionisation techniques available in the facility are EI, CI, MALDI, ESI at present. Accurate mass measurements using an electrospray (ESI) is preferred laboratory method and is attempted for all compounds submitted to the facility. Other techniques will be only used if ESI fails. 

Samples should be submitted in a sample screw-cap vial (available in LG11) with a sample name.

About 0.1 mg of solid is required, if liquid just a few uL, please specify a solvent at which sample is soluble on the submission form.

For users from UCL Chemistry department (internal users), the grant code should be written on the submission form and the submission should be approved by a financial responsible person.

For users from other UCL departments or other universities, the purchase order number must be submitted along with the samples and their submission forms.