Cost of analyses and Guidance for Principal Investigators for Funding Application

The Information for a Principal Investigator applying for a funding to cover a cost of mass spectrometry analyses

For users from UCL Chemistry department (internal users), the grant code should be written on the submission form and the submission should be approved by a financial responsible person.

For users from other UCL departments or other universities, the purchase order number must be submitted along with the samples and their submission forms.

As of February 2024


UCL Chemistry Department Rate

Academic Institutions Rate

Mass measurement

£7 per sample

£25 per sample

Accurate mass measurement

£10 per sample

£25 per sample


£7 per sample

£18 per sample

UPLC-MS analysis

£20 per hour

£40 per hour

GC-MS analysis

£20 per hour

£40 per hour

capLC-MS/MS, -MSnanalysis

£20 per hour

£40 per hour

Other mass spectrometry analyses available mass spectromety based proteomics, metabolomics, sterolomics and their data interpretation, MS/MS etc. charges in negotiation with the staff.

Non-university of UK charges apply to all external users, whether affiliated to the school/university or not. They also apply to any contract research or consultative work performed by members of the university.


Guidance for Charge-out Research Facility

The Prinipal Investigator - applying for funding 

We encourage potential users to contact the facility at the earliest opportunity so we may provide further advice about the availability of the facility and its usage costs to ensure a correct costing rate is applied during the grant application process.

The facility administration may provide written confirmation of the quote and capacity available for the work to the Principal Investigator to include on their Worktribe project.

The Prinipal Investigator - managing funding

The Principal Investigator who intends to use the facility should inform the Facility Manager to confirm the appropriate funder type rate and arrange to book usage.

The facility requires to obtain from the Principal Investigator the following information at the time of booking and forms part of the usage data stored for audit queries.

  • Project/Task/Award (PTA)
  • Funder
  • Funder Type – Charity/FEC/Industry
  • Start and end dates of the research project.

The facility will log all chargeable usage of the Facility and keep the information for a minimum of 7 years.

 Quotation Letters for a funding body 



For more information please do not to hesitate to contact Kersti on 020 7679 4605.