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MPhil/PhD students

The Bartlett School of Planning encourages a lively research culture. Details of our current research students and their topic of research are listed below - further details of each student and their research can be found by clicking on the name of the student.


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Alberti, Juan
Mega-transport projects and the “rules of the game”:  The role of contractual risk management in the planning and appraisal process in Latin America.

Arifin, Zaenal
FDI Spillovers and Industrial Upgrading of Local Firms in the Automotive Global Value Chains

Bao, Di
Environmental Considerations in Energy Resource Governance: A Case Study of Coal Mining Development in the Ordos League, Inner Mongolia, China

Barrientos Trinanes, Melissa
Urban sprawl and the city construction process: uncovering potential changes in the morphological patterns of informal and mass produced housing developments and their role on the city’s fragmentation and dysfunctions.

Carr, Oliver
Planning Lore: A Historical Institutionalist Analysis of the Impacts of Case Law on Planning Practice in London Between 1909 and 1986

Cleary, Seamus

Diaz Martinez, Cristobal
New voucher programs for low-income families in Santiago and Valparaiso: residential mobility or struggle against segregation?

Eltayeb, Abir
Regulation and the Built Form: A Study of the Building Law in Lebanon and the Landscape of High-rises in Contemporary Beirut

He, Shiyuan
London’s Historical Street Markets as Everyday Heritage: Local Community, Temporality, and Adaptability

Hou, Ying-Chun
Community-led urban planning reform under developmental-state planning system--a study of Taipei, Taiwan

Hsu, Lin-Fang
A Flourishing Smart City for Entrepreneurs? Evolution of Urban Technological Innovation Pattern in the Digital Age

Hughes, Ben
The role of settlement organisations as community builders in contemporary cities; a comparative study of Bristol and Birmingham.

Ilie, Elisabeta
Shaping imaginary geographies into inclusive cities

Im, Jungha
Do the social economy and urban regeneration interact?: the case of neighbourhood regeneration in South Korea

Kim, Ju Eun
Reconsideration on Neighbourhood Regeneration from the Perspective of Smart Shrinkage: Responses to urban shrinkage in a small city, Yeongju, South Korea

Lan, Xiaoxuan
The Transformation of Urban Environmental Governance in China: a Case Study of Chongming Eco-island, Shanghai

Li, Bushi
Effects of Textual Sentiment on the United Kingdom Housing Market

Li, Pengpeng
Effectiveness of China’s Talent Housing Policies on Talent Agglomeration

Li, Zhaoxi
Less is More or A Bore? The Application of Minimalist Philosophy in Public Space Design

Li, Zhenfa
Financialising urban development in China

Lo, Chien-Ling
Manchester Regime after Recession: City Leadership, Entrepreneurial Regeneration and Market Sustainability

Marjanovic, Marjan
Interpreting the governance of urban circularity in shrinking cities and regions. The cases of Parkstad Limburg (NL) and Satakunta (FI).

Aleksandra Milentijevic
Democratisation of the Serbian urban planning system

Omar, Siti Syamimi
Finding Happiness: A Human-Centred Urban Design Approach to the Experience of Urban Happiness, A Malaysian Case.

Palacios AltamiranoLuis Felipe
Planning a financial scheme to develop sustainable and culturally inclusive transport infrastructure in southern Mexico, implementing it in underdeveloped special economic zones, and measuring their regional impact.

Price, Helen
The Estate Agency Business Model and the Role of PropTech

Sarkar, Reetuparna

Shevchenko, Rotem
Curating Neighbourhoods: The role of curatorial practices in shaping and transforming neighbourhoods

Thananantachai, Umnaj
Housing governance in Thailand: managing the transversal and inter-organisational networks of housing delivery to work for the urban poor

Wang, Manqi
Urban redevelopment in China - a case study of Guangzhou

Xiao, Mengci
Reframing Urban Heritage Conservation: The Case of China’s Historic Urban Landscape

Xin, Shengxi
Advancing the Socio-Economic Well-being of Rural Areas and Communities: A Study on China’s “Modern Agricultural Zones”

Zhang, Weilong

Zhao, Yang
Transformation of Legitimacy in Chinese Urban Development: Discourse Change and the Role of the Party-state System in Shanghai Residential Community Redevelopment

Zhu, Kan
Building innovation under China’s evolving urban governance: A case study in Shanghai

Past Research Students

Details of some of our successful research students can be found here.