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MPhil/PhD students

The Bartlett School of Planning encourages a lively research culture. Details of our current research students and their topic of research are listed below - further details of each student and their research can be found by clicking on the name of the student.

Arias, Martín
Mining, multinational corporations and regional development: enclave formation through the asymmetrical bargaining power

Baek, Kyunghyun
Self organisation, and urban design and planning method

Barrantes Chaves, Karla
Fear of crime in Public Spaces, Great Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica

Besussi, Elena
Fiscal arrangements and planning decisions in Italy, UK and The Netherlands

Bonvino, Gualtiero
Transit oriented development land policy for transit funding: an international comparative study

Canelas, Patricia
Property markets in the post-industrial city: clusters' implementation and management

Cao, Mengqiu
Exploring the Relation between Transport and Social Equity: Empirical Evidence from London and Beijing  

Cerrada Morato, Lucia

Chaimanee, Anon
The design principles for Southeast Asian cities.

Chambers, Steve
Landscape of community leadership in London

Chandra, Rit

Chang, Feng-Shu
Relationship between urban form (especially interface type) and travel behaviour in Taiwan

Chen, Sizhe
The role of mega transport infrastructure projects in balancing ‘global-local’ needs under the process of glocalization

Cheng, Kai-Jen

Cho, Hyunji
The Mechanism of Social Capital in the Participatory Planning with Diversity: The Foundation Phase of Community-led Regeneration of Seoul, South Korea

Chung, Calvin
Searching for an Urban Sustainability Fix in China: A Case Study of the Pearl River Delta Greenway Project

Dean, Marco
Improving decision-making for mega infrastructure projects - study on the possible applicability of  multi-criteria analysis to the appraisal of major gateway port projects

Fiorentino, Stefania
Contemporary urban entrepreneurial ecosystems and the new geography of innovation. A case study of Rome


Fitzpatrick, Daniel
Urban commons: collective ownership of urban assets

Freire Trigo, Sonia
Regeneration of vacant urban land in England.

Gao, Xing
Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Rights: the case of the Renewable Energy Technologies sector in China

Garcia, Brian
Intensification of polycentric cities; examining the catalytic properties of urban rail projects

Gomes, Alexandra
Invisible city: a multisensory approach to urban planning

Hildreth, Paul
Understanding the contribution of governance institutions towards shaping economic geography of place: a local and national perspective

Hincapié Triviño, Miguel
Landscape character conservation through local communities’ participation: The Case of Colombian cultural landscapes.

Ilie, Elisabeta
Shaping imaginary geographies into inclusive cities

Jeon, Bong Kyung
Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) and the revitalisation of an old industrial area: A case of textile industry in Daegu, South Korea

Juangbhanich, Alizara
How and why do private developers engage in green building practice?

Karampour, Katy
Municipal fiscal decentralisation and urban change: a case study of Tehran

Kim, Ju Eun
Reconsideration on Neighbourhood Regeneration from the Perspective of Smart Shrinkage: Responses to urban shrinkage in a small city, Yeongju, South Korea

Kolahi, Alireza

Lee, Jae Kwang

Li, Nan

Li, Yingcheng

Liu, Siyao
Migrant Integration in Peri-urban Beijing

Liu, Yuqi

Lo, Chien-Ling

Lopez Franco, Monica
Frameworks for Urban Conservation: Social Equality in Mexican Historic Centres of Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Manlangit, Michael
Landbanking as a coping strategy for large-volume housebuilders in the UK housing market and planning policy context

Martín Sainz de los Terreros, Jorge
Eventual urbanism, an enquiry on socio-material participation

Mella Lira, Beatriz
Transport planning towards urban and social equity. MCA of Public Policies and Travel Behaviour in Santiago de Chile

O'Connell, Derry
Change in the layout framework of plot and block as evident in the urban tissue of small towns

Ohashi, Hiroaki
Planning and Design of Suburban Fortunes: Urban Policies and Suburban Socio-economic and Spatial Transformation in Tokyo Prefecture under Three-tier Governmental System

Panayotopoulos-Tsiros, Dimitrios
The morphology of urban voids: a metabolic approach to cohesion. The case of Eleonas in Athens.  

Penny, Joe
Downloading austerity: the (post) politics of fiscal retrenchment, state rescaling and localism in England

Petrakou, Marialena
FDI growth impact and absorptive capacity in Europe – the role of financial markets. Regional impact: a case study of Greece 

Qesteri, Lorna
Locality matters: local and regional development agencies' role in fostering sustainable development. Case studies from Albania 

Rizal, Khairul
Evolving Regions: how industries rise and fall in Indonesian provinces

Rivero Villar, Alejandro
The role of social networks and social capital in the resilience of unplanned built environments: the case of Nezahualcoyotl and Ecatepec, in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City

Sarkar, Reetuparna

Seo, Ilwon (Veny)
Exploring the impact of exogenous knowledge spillover on a catching-up economy

Sepulveda Marquez, Ruth
Green Infrastructure under constrictions of Neoliberalism: networks, discourses and story-lines in Santiago, Chile

Simpson, Jacob
The Role of Built Environment Quality in FDI Attraction: The Case of Paris Ile-de-France, 2010-2015

Stirling, Phoebe
The construction of the housing market: National housing discourse and market mediation.

Sun, Yixiang
Local Politics of China’s Flagship Culture-led Redevelopment

Suwannasang, Veeramon
A new debate: The correlations of neighbourhood design and socio-economic factor on mental well-being

Thananantachai, Umnaj
Housing governance in Thailand: managing the transversal and inter-organisational networks of housing delivery to work for the urban poor

Timmerman, Richard
Community customisation of planned urban spaces

Tribillon, Justinien
Producing the Banlieue: rethinking infrastructural landscape and Paris’ metropolitan identity via the périphérique

Wang, Xiangyu

Zhang, Xiaoqing

In the name of social inclusion: the redevelopment of urban villages in Xian, China

Zhang, Weilong

Zhu, Jingyi
Understanding social production and construction of public space from the perspective of public- private dynamics: A case study of Shanghai

Zhu, Tianke

Past Research Students

Details of some of our successful research students can be found here.