The Bartlett School of Planning


Bushi Li

Research subject

Effects of Textual Sentiment on the United Kingdom Housing Market

Primary supervisor: Dr Tommaso Gabrieli
Secondary supervisor: Dr Qiulin Ke
Starting date: April 2019
Projected completion date: April 2023

This research focuses on analysing the relationship between textual sentiment and performance of the United Kingdom housing market. We derive textual sentiment from news articles, social media and reports and compare how different sentiment indices perform when forecasting performance of the United Kingdom housing market. We not only analyse overall textual sentiment, but also investigate textual sentiment related to hot topics, textual sentiment related to events and their influences on the United Kingdom housing market. Besides, we explore the relationship among textual sentiment, time, location and performance of the United Kingdom housing market, and we analyse how textual sentiment affects the adjacent housing market in the United Kingdom. Based on techniques of textual sentiment analysis and statistical methods, we conduct empirical research to give some fresh ideas about influences of textual sentiment on the United Kingdom housing market and some suggestions on decision making for people and organizations such as policy makers, home buyers and companies.


Bushi Li's research interest include real estate economics and finance, behavioural economics and finance, natural language processing and machine learning.