The Bartlett School of Planning


Chien-Ling Lo

Research subject

Manchester Regime after Recession: City Leadership, Entrepreneurial Regeneration and Market Sustainability

Primary supervisor: Professor Claudio de Magalhaes
Secondary supervisor: Professor Mike Raco
Starting date: September 2012

The event of the global financial crisis (GFC) in 2008 had a profound impact on global economy, particularly dampening financial markets as well as real estate markets. As a result, economic sustainability of markets as institutions drew extensive attention from academics and practitioners of the sector in finance and real estate to query how sustainable and resilient a market could be in response to similar crises.  For several decades, many cities in England embraced ‘property-driven’ regeneration that intended to not only uplift the facade of physical built environment in the city centre but also to have a top-down and spill over effect that would be able to revive the local economy.

This research intends to expand the important debate on the state-market relations in land and real estate by highlighting the role of municipal governance through regeneration strategies to shape office market in Manchester as well as to critically assess the claim of Manchester City Council that the city has been economically transformed with a strong leadership and successful regeneration developments in the setting of municipal entrepreneurism and public-private partnerships since the 1970s.

The construction of new regeneration office index in this research sheds light on the market impact of planning policies within a conceptual framework of market sustainability, which encompasses three essential indicators – market maturity, economic resilience and competitiveness for investment.


Chien-Ling has worked as a property surveyor for local authorities in England and is a fully qualified member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). She is also a fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA). Her research interests include sustainable property development, real estate economics and market performance in urban regeneration areas.


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