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In each monthly podcast Professor Yvonne Rydin presents a current research project being undertaken at the Bartlett School of Planning and interviews the researcher.

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The Bartlett Planning Podcast will return in Term 3, when Yvonne will be speaking to colleagues about planning and disability. In the meantime, you can browse all past episodes below.


Ep 20: Researching cultural heritage and place in Durham

Prof John Tomaney and Ross Forbes
May 2021

Ep 19: Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability

Dr Jo Williams
April 2021

Purchase Jo's book via Routledge.

Ep 18: Public Space in a Chinese City; the case of Shanghai

Jingyi Zhu, PhD Candidate
March 2021

View and download transcript for episode 18.

Ep 17: Urban heritage: discourses of conservation and equity

Monica Lopez Franco, PhD Candidate
December 2020

View and download transcript for episode 17.

Ep 16: Neo-liberalism, housing and segregation in Chile

Cristobal Diaz Martinez, PhD Candidate
November 2020

View and download transcript for episode 16.

Ep 15: What is an urban void? An Athenian exploration

Dimitrios Panayotopoulos-Tsiros, Research and Teaching Assistant
October 2020

View and download transcript for episode 15.

Ep 14: Alumni Episode (Undergraduate): Aranvir Gawera

Aranvir Gawera, BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management 2018
May 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 4: How might our views on density in cities be altered?

Dr. Michael Short
May 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 3: What are the microscale impacts on the property market?

Dr. Nicola Livingstone
April 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 2: What are the economic implications for real estate?

Dr. Tommaso Gabrieli
April 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 1: What can we learn from South Korea?

Dr. Jung Won Sonn
April 2020
Read 'Coronavirus: South Korea’s success in controlling disease is due to its acceptance of surveillance' on The Conversation website.

Ep 13: Alumni Episode (Postgraduate): Asia Williams

Asia Williams, MSc Spatial Planning 2014
April 2020

Ep 12: Customisation and the City

Dr. Richard Timmerman
March 2020
Read 'Towards sociall sustainable urban design: Analysing actor-area relations linking micro-morphology and micro-democracy.

Ep 11: Transport Accessibility in Mongolia

Dr. Iqbal Hamiduddin and Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick
February 2020

Ep 10: Paradoxes of Segregation

Dr. Sonia Arbaci
January 2020
Buy a copy of 'Paradoxes of Segregation: Housing Systems, Welfare Regimes and Ethnic Residential Change in Southern European Cities'.

Ep 9: Neoliberlisation from the Ground Up

Callum Ward
December 2019
Ward, C. and Swyngedouw, E. (2018). Neoliberalisation from the Ground Up: Insurgent Capital, Regional Struggle, and the Assetisation of Land. Antipode, 50(4), pp.1077-1097

Ep 8: The UK2070 Commission 

Dr. Lucy Natarajan
November 2019
Read 'Civil Society Perspectives on Inequality: Focus Group Research Findings Report' by Dr Lucy Natarajan, Elisabeta Ilie & Dr. Hyunji Cho
See a full list of all UK2070 publications.

Ep 7: Community-led social housing regeneration

Dr. Pablo Sendra
October 2019
Download a copy of 'Assemblages for community-led social housing regeneration'.

Ep 6: Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate

Dr. Danielle Sanderson
June 2019
Download a copy of 'Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate'.

Ep 5: Circular Cities

Dr. Jo Williams
May 2019
Download a copy of 'Circular Cities' here.
Visit the Circular Cities Hub website.

Ep 4: Place Value and Place Quality

Professor Matthew Carmona
April 2019
Download a copy of the report here.
Visit the Place Alliance website.

Ep 3: Planning and Time

Professor Mike Raco
March 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 2: The Role of the Figure-Ground

Professor Michael Hebbert
February 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 1: Impacts of Extending Permitted Development Rights to Office-to-Residential Housing

Dr. Ben Clifford
January 2019
Download a copy of the report.