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The Bartlett Planning Podcast

In each monthly podcast Professor Yvonne Rydin presents a current research project being undertaken at the Bartlett School of Planning and interviews the researcher.

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Ep 12: Customisation and the City

Dr. Richard Timmerman
March 2020
Read 'Towards sociall sustainable urban design: Analysing actor-area relations linking micro-morphology and micro-democracy.

Ep 11: Transport Accessibility in Mongolia

Dr. Iqbal Hamiduddin and Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick
February 2020

Ep 10: Paradoxes of Segregation

Dr. Sonia Arbaci
January 2020
Buy a copy of 'Paradoxes of Segregation: Housing Systems, Welfare Regimes and Ethnic Residential Change in Southern European Cities'.

Ep 9: Neoliberlisation from the Ground Up

Callum Ward
December 2019
Ward, C. and Swyngedouw, E. (2018). Neoliberalisation from the Ground Up: Insurgent Capital, Regional Struggle, and the Assetisation of Land. Antipode, 50(4), pp.1077-1097

Ep 8: The UK2070 Commission 

Dr. Lucy Natarajan
November 2019
Read 'Civil Society Perspectives on Inequality: Focus Group Research Findings Report' by Dr Lucy Natarajan, Elisabeta Ilie & Dr. Hyunji Cho
See a full list of all UK2070 publications.

Ep 7: Community-led social housing regeneration

Dr. Pablo Sendra
October 2019
Download a copy of 'Assemblages for community-led social housing regeneration'.

Ep 6: Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate

Dr. Danielle Sanderson
June 2019
Download a copy of 'Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate'.

Ep 5: Circular Cities

Dr. Jo Williams
May 2019
Download a copy of 'Circular Cities' here.
Visit the Circular Cities Hub website.

Ep 4: Place Value and Place Quality

Professor Matthew Carmona
April 2019
Download a copy of the report here.
Visit the Place Alliance website.

Ep 3: Planning and Time

Professor Mike Raco
March 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 2: The Role of the Figure-Ground

Professor Michael Hebbert
February 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 1: Impacts of Extending Permitted Development Rights to Office-to-Residential Housing

Dr. Ben Clifford
January 2019
Download a copy of the report.