The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Spotlight On

Spotlight On features the work of our researchers at CASA.


Maarten Vanhoof

Maarten Vanhoof is an urban geographer and a Research Fellow at CASA working on QUANT.

Leah Lovett

Leah Lovett is Research Fellow on the The Listening Wood (IoT of Trees).

Roberto Murcio

Roberto Murcio is a Senior Research Fellow currently working on the Urban Dynamics Lab.

Martin de Jode

Martin de Jode is a Senior Research Associate, currently working on Internet of Things for Trees and Colouring London.


Sarah Wise

Sarah Wise is a lecturer teaching programming and agent-based modelling, which she uses to explore questions of transportation, freight, and evacuation. Sarah is Course Director for the MSc Smart Cities and Urban Analytics programme.

Alistair Leak

Alistair worked as a Research Associate at CASA investigating potential applications of new forms of urban data.

Polly Hudson

Polly holds an ESPRC PhD Studentship at CASA. She also directs 'Colouring London', a VGI project which will collect, visualise and disseminate quantitative data about London's buildings.


Ioannis Toumpalidis

After acquiring a Diploma of Engineering as an urban planner in Greece, Ioannis joined CASA to study Spatial Data Science and Visualization on the MRes programme. Ioannis worked as a Research Assistant at CASA on Intel’s Capstone project, mainly focused on developing Virtual Reality.

Yao Shen

Yao Shen is an Architect/Urban Designer who worked as a post-doc researcher at CASA after obtaining his PhD from The Bartlett School of Architecture.

Flora Roumpani

Flora Roumpani is an Architect Engineer and completed the MRes programme and the PhD programme at CASA.

Duccio Piovani

Duccio Piovani is an Italian physicist.

Shlomit Flint

Shlomit Flint is a Design Concept Architect, who joined CASA in 2013 as a Marie Curie Research Fellow and is now a Senior Researcher working on the Survey of London Whitechapel project.

Richard Milton

Richard is a computer scientist who joined CASA in 2005 from UCL Computer Science, having previously worked in industry as a software developer.

Carlos Molinero

Carlos is a researcher in complexity science, specialised in urban network.

Valerio Signorelli

Valerio is an architect and urban sensory researcher at CASA.

David Concannon

David is a data visualisation researcher and has been at CASA since 2015 after completing his Masters here. He investigates the role data visualisation can play in the HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa.

Clémentine Cottineau

Clémentine is a geographer and economist, post-doc at CASA between 2014 and 2017. She investigates the multi-scale dynamics of urban inequality.

Duncan Hay

Duncan is a Research Associate at CASA. He has worked on both the Survey of London Whitechapel and the PETRAS/Tales in the Park projects.

Paul Mullins

Paul worked as a Research Assistant at CASA on 'Applicable Urban Informatics', examining the translation of new digital tools and technologies for practical applications in cities.