The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Spotlight On

Spotlight On features the work of our researchers at CASA.

Clémentine Cottineau

Clémentine is a geographer and economist, post-doc at CASA since 2014. She investigates the multi-scale dynamics of urban inequality.

Duncay Hay

Duncan is a Research Associate at CASA working on both the Survey of London Whitechapel and the PETRAS/Tales in the Park projects.

Paul Mullins

Paul is a Research Assistant at CASA working on 'Applicable Urban Informatics', examining the translation of new digital tools and technologies for practical applications in cities.

Asya Natapov

Asya is an Academic Visitor at CASA working on 'AgeCogCity': How Visual Perception Shapes Our Cities (A Cognitive Model Of Ageing Population).