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Spotlight On: Shlomit Flint

21 August 2017

Shlomit Flint is a Design Concept Architect, who joined CASA in 2013 as a Marie Curie Research Fellow and is now a Senior Researcher working on the Survey of London Whitechapel project.


How would you summarise your personal research?

I was trained in architecture and have held numerous senior design posts in award winning firms in the UK and internationally. My PhD and post PhD work explored the ways in which social identities and networks within communities create latent orders that determine residential dynamics. My interests span consultancy practice and research in spatial analysis and group behaviour expertise with the desire to influence planning policy.

Tell us a little about the research you’re doing at the moment:

I am currently working on the Survey of London Whitechapel initiative (surveyoflondon.org), a project which aims to use digital tools to map the history of Whitechapel in collaboration with the people who live there. It’s an exciting project, and I'm taking part in the academic writing:

• Flint, S. (2017) A decision not to decide: A new challenge for planning. European Planning Studies (Q1 in ‘Geography, Planning and Development’) 10.1080/09654313.2017.1302411

• Flint, S. (2017) Residential choices as a driving force to vertical segregation In Societal Geo-innovation, A. Bregt, T. Sarjakoski T., R. V. Lammeren and F. Rip (Eds) Springer, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-56759-4

• Flint, S., (forthcoming) I am black but transparent’: Effects of identity and belonging on residential experiences, perceptions and practices of undocumented population in Whitechapel.

• Flint, S., (forthcoming) The role of Community housing in generating nests of residualisation: the case study of Whitechapel. 

• Flint, S., (forthcoming) To step up: Systematic residential preferences and vertical micro-integration in Whitechapel.

So if you live or used to live in Whitechapel, and know about its history (even the history of the recent past), please sign up and share it with us!

What has been your experience of living in London?

London is an eclectic mix of styles, full of hidden surprises. Living here is a wonderful daily experience.

Where can people find out more about your work?

The Survey of London Whitechapel website at surveyoflondon.org