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Bartlett Alternative is a creative hub, sharing diverse work and references used and created by students and staff across The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. Together we can shape our collective future.

A memorial for the Bengal Famine, outside the British Museum (Credit: M. Gautam)

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Opening up the built environment 

Bartlett Alternative is a creative hub aiming to flatten hierarchies and contribute to a more inclusive built environment curriculum.

We’re tracing and amplifying underrepresented voices, narratives and agendas, and celebrating diverse work and references being used and created by students and staff in teaching and learning across The Bartlett.

Through the definition of Alternative, we’re challenging the conventional and the traditional, and diversifying knowledge and experience through an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens.

How it works 

Bartlett Alternative is a collective hub, and a space to share references and work used and produced by staff and students across the faculty. It’s a constantly growing database and designed as a rich resource for The Bartlett community to draw from in their teaching and learning.

It contains a dedicated section for references called Library. This is a growing archive of references recommended by students and staff with the aim of diversifying our collective curriculum. It also contains a dedicated section for sharing work created by students and staff across the Bartlett. This is called Laboratory and is a growing archive of work which celebrates underrepresented voices, narratives and agendas. 

Get involved  

Join us in diversifying our collective curriculum for a truly inclusive built environment.

For us to create a diverse built environment for all, we need your contributions for both our Laboratory and Library sections. We are asking for both students and staff to get involved in celebrating and amplifying hidden and underrepresented voices, narratives, and agendas

Have something you want to share? Visit our Get Involved section of the website for instructions on how you can contribute to the hub. Content is uploaded termly and you are welcome to contribute to the space as many times as you like. 

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Woman in Indian dress standing in front of blue door, with sign reading: Little Fitzrovia Kitchen

Laboratory: Mr Dennis Scrivens this one is for you

Author: Mahika Gautam (student) 

Mahika Gautam’s project began as an exploration of the performative nature of the food-giving ritual in Indian culture.

Young girl holding crutch up next to young boy gentling pulling rope loop

Library: The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun

Shared by: Giles Nartey (staff) 

Giles Nartey presents a film from Senegal released in 1999 about a girl who faces obstacles and makes her way through life.

Two women hold up banner reading: Brixton dykes on the rampage, no one fucks us over. Park with protestors sitting.

Library: Rebel Dykes

Shared by: Lo Marshall (staff) 

Lo Marshall presents Rebel Dykes, a 2021 film telling the story of overlooked but formative post-punk SM dyke subculture in 1980s London.

Community disaster management committee in Sierra Leone

Laboratory: Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (ARK)

Authors: Professor Adriana Allen, Professor Cassidy Johnson, Dr. Emmauel Osuteye and Dr Rita Lambert (staff)

How can cities in the Global South alleviate the effects of urban risks? 


Please contact The Bartlett Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team if you have any questions about Bartlett Alternative and how you can get involved: bartlett-edi@ucl.ac.uk

Special thanks 

Bartlett Alternative was created by The Bartlett Faculty Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team, Vice Dean of EDI in collaboration with Isaac Nanabeyin Simpson (Lecturer, Teaching) and The Bartlett EDI Working Group. We would especially like to thank all staff and students who have contributed to the platform.

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