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'Race' and Space

A new curriculum for the built environment

Side profile of a human face with the words "Race and space, a new curriculum" written over the top
'Race' and Space is a new curriculum that has been developed by colleagues across The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, specifically for other colleagues and students. It responds to a need for greater understanding of 'race' and where and how it affects the built environment, and a demand for practical sources of support for teachers and learners.

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'Race and Space' curriculum (PDF, 2.6MB)

To cite this curriculum

Zewolde, S., Walls A., Sengupta, T., Ortiz, C., Beebeejaun, Y., Burridge, G. and K. Patel (2020), ‘Race’ and Space: What is ‘race’ doing in a nice field like the built environment? London: The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment

The curators of this curriculum

Solomon Zewolde, UCL Institute of Education

Adam Walls, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Dr Tania Sengupta, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Dr Catalina Ortiz, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL

Dr Yasminah Beebeejaun, The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

George Burridge, The Bartlett Faculty Office, UCL

Dr Kamna Patel, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit and Faculty Vice-Dean for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, UCL