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B-made waterjet cutting

B-made runs a waterjet cutting service at Here East that supports academic manufacturing activities. Learn more about the B-made waterjet and how to get work processed throughout this page.

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Waterjet cutting service

Send job requests to our collective email bmadewaterjet@live.ucl.ac.uk (checked daily between 14:00 and 15:00). This service is not an industrial service and operates to support the academic ventures of the Bartlett and UCL. 

All submitted files must :

  • be in .dxf format; see CAD/CAM advice for more information.
  • be saved as follows: surname_ firstname_ thickness_material_ filename_x[numberofcopies].dxf. (for example: if John Smith wanted to cut 25 pieces of 5mm Steel to make cogs his file name would be smith_john_5mm_steel_cogs_x25)

As an educational workshop, we aim to process jobs within one to three days from your quote approval. During busy periods of the academic year, lead times may increase. Please communicate with us any deadlines you are working towards. Cut parts will likely require cleaning before use. Large files, thicker material or jobs requiring more complex setup may take longer to process.

Note that in the current circumstances of COVID-19 measures and on-going changes to on-site access, water jet services may change without notice or be made unavaible for periods of time.

Parts can be picked up and paid for from the B-made Shop in Here East.

waterjet cut piece

CAD/CAM advice

  • File save as dxf (.dxf as polylines, not nurbs, for the best results)
  • Pieces to be cut separately must not share edges or touch at any point. The recommended minimum distance between parts is 3 to 4mm, (any less will risk parts being cut inaccurately)
  • The waterjet has a cut width (kerf) of around 0.8mm, as such, drawings with slots, or holes intended to be smaller than this cannot be cut.
  • Drawings must never contain intersecting lines; the waterjet software will not be able to calculate a path, and thus your file will not cut
  • Drawings may contain parts inside other parts, however they must never share inner or outer edges.
  • Points or single pierces cannot be cut.
  • Ensure there are no gaps in the artwork (where lines should be joined) as this will prevent the cutting path from being generated.
  • Etching is possible on the waterjet, but the quality of the results will vary depending on the material you are using
  • Lines in the same file can be of cut to different qualities if specific cuts require higher precision
  • Feel free to speak with the B-made waterjet team with any queries that are not covered by this documentation
  • Before exporting your file to a .dxf, arrange the layers to name them by the conventions listed below:
    • '1' (for low quality / high speed)
    • '3' (for standard quality - suitable for most jobs)
    • '5' (best quality - only for high precision jobs)
    • '6' (for etching)

Material advice

Quotes will comprise of both a cutting price and material price.

Sheet sizes

  • Whole sheet 610mm x 610mm
  • 1/2 sheet 610mm x 305mm
  • 1/4 sheet 305mm x 305mm


waterjet materials

For any alternative materials or larger stock sizes please contact a member of the B-made Here East team. We can assist with larger stock or alternate materials if we have any available.  We can also advise on best practices and other material options. In the event that large quantities of material are required we may ask you to outsource these materials to ensure we retain stock for other workshop users.