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B-made robotics

B-made robots are available to Bartlett students based on programme and project requirements. Students must complete the B-made Baseline and Workshop Inductions then Robot Induction to access robots.

Robotics across both workshops

B-made's robotics labs are located at 22 Gordon Street and Here East. Each site has programme specific support  and specific access to the resources. There are various robots available in each lab location have very different Robotics programmes. Please read more about the Robotics activities at both sites below.

Robots at 22 Gordon Street

Gordon Street Robot
Robots at 22 Gordon Street:
  • 1 x ABB IRB 120
  • 2 x ABB IRB 1600
  • 3 x UR 10
Robots at Here East

Here East Robot

Robots at Here East:

  • 1 x Kuka KR6
  • 2 x Franka Emika Panda 
  • 1 x Staubli RX160
  • 1 x Staubli TX200
  • 2 x Kuka KR60
How to access the robots

Who can use the robots?

Bartlett students are permitted access but should note that the robot lab will not able to accommodate all students; Robots are time-intensive resources and there are limited robots across both sites, thus students will first need to complete a project proposal form in order to be registered for induction and training. Students then need to complete full B-made Robot induction in order to access the robots and should possess or acquire the necessary CAD skills to support the programming requirements.  

What does the Robot Induction involve?

The B-made Robot induction consists of both online and onsite learning via Moodle. You will be able to see more about the Induction pathway once you have completed the B-made Baseline and have access to B-made's Connected Learning Portal on Moodle.


  • Students will need basic Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper 3D knowledge as these will form an integral part of the robotic programming tutorials. 
  • B-made provides basic Rhino & Grasshopper tutorials (learning time required – 16 hrs). See the Connected Learning Portal for more information.

Robot Induction pathway

Outlines below is a rough guide to the Robot Induction pathway

  1. Robotic Basics (approximately 2 hours.) You will learn the fundamentals of a robot, terminologies and technicalities. The entire Induction is conducted online via Moodle.
  2. Robotic Programming (approximately 4 hours.) You will learn how to program a robot in the virtual environment using Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper 3D. The entire Induction is conducted online via Moodle.
  3. Robotic Operations (approximately 8 hours.)  This section requires the student to come in-person to the robot lab and operate the robot. Here the student will be able to learn how to operate and use a robot in person. The student will be required to book the robot before attending the onsite learning.
  4. Learn Robotic Process (approximately 1 week.) This step includes implementation and varies based on process.
  5. Further process training (time varies). Following the basic training, the student can learn specific robotic processes in detail based on their project requirements from the list various processes. The information includes the basics of the process, how to program for the process and how to operate and execute the process. Additional guides are included to provide some tips, tricks and techniques for each process.

More information on how to complete this Induction Pathway can be found on B-made's Connected Learning Portal on Moodle.

Tools and materials

What tools are available?

There are variety of tools and end effectors readily available through the B-made labs. Contact the B-made labs to check on tool availability. If the requested tool is not available or a custom tool is required, students will be responsible to design and make the tools themselves based on the advice provided by the B-made robotics team. Necessary support will be provided from the B-made robots team.

Which materials can be used?

Most materials available from the B-made Hub are safe to use in the robots lab. Material use also depends on how the material with be used in the robotic process. Risks assessments for each process will need to be provided and approved by the respective tutors before beginning a project and risk assessments must include material information. If you plan to use materials other than the ones sold through the Hub, Material Safety Data Sheets should be provided to the B-made robots team and approved before purchase.