History of Art


Previous contributors

Several previous contributors have gone on to hold posts in universities, museums and galleries. They include:

Object 1

Richard Clay – History of Art Department, University of Birmingham

Louise Govier – Head of Adult Education, The National Gallery, London

Francesca Berry – History of Art Department, University of Birmingham

Uta Kornmeier – Henry Moore Fellow, Somerville College, Oxford

Object 2

Simon Baker – Curator, Tate Modern

Nick Grindle – CALT, University College London

Object 3

Mark Godfrey – Slade School of Fine Art, London and Curator, Tate Modern

Object 4

Jo Applin – History of Art Department, University of York

Richard Taws – History of Art Department, University College London

Object 5

Harriet Riches – School of Art and Design History, Kingston University London

Object 6

Tamara Trodd – History of Art Department, University of Edinburgh

Object 7

Catherine Clinger, College of the Atlantic

Mary Hunter, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

Kristen Hutchinson, History of Art and Design, University of Alberta

Matilda Nardelli, Film Studies, University College London

Emily Richardson, School of History, Queen Mary University of London

Object 8

Mercedes Ceron, The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archeology, University of Oxford

Barnaby Haran, History of Art, University of Bristol

Klara Kemp-Welch, Courtauld Institute of Art

Edward John Krcma, History of Art, University College Cork

Object 9

Philippa Kaina, Department of Art, University of Reading

Cliff Lauson, Curator, Hayward Gallery

Linzi Stauvers, Program Producer, Pavilion 

Object 10

Samuel Bibby, Assitant Editor, Art History

Noelle Streeton, Institute for Archeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo

Object 11

Stephen James Gambardella, English National Opera

Gil Pasternak, University of Huddersfield

Object 12

Wenny Teo, Courtauld Institute of Art

Object 13

Maud Jacquin, Associate Curator, Residency Unlimited

Object 14

Stephanie Straine, Assistant Curator, Tate Liverpool