History of Art


Object 10


Samuel Bibby - Changing perspectives: The Florentine histories of Uccello's Battle of San Romano panels

Michael Bird - This 'Gorgeous Homosocial Romance': the (absent) Native American body in the Southwestern works of Marsden Hartley and Willa Cather

Paul Fox - Singing a memory of conflict: Anton von Werner's Billet Outside Paris

Maggie Gray - 'Fascism knows only one superman: the state' - Alan Moore's V for Vendetta vs the Iron Lady

Noëlle Streeton - The impact of the pigment trade on the palette of Jan van Eyke

Sue Walker - Order and the abject in Charlet's Suite of Thirty Plates Representing the Imperial Guard (1819 - 1920)


Klara Kemp-Welch - 'Aernout Mik: Shifting Shifting', London, 2007

Cadence Kinsey - Amelia Jones, Self/Image: Technology, Representation and the Contemporary Subject , London and New York, 2006

Sergio Martins - Guy Brett and Luciano Figuerido (eds), Oiticica in London, London, 2007