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Object 23 now available online

Object 23

Object is a journal produced entirely by graduate students in the History of Art Department at University College London. The contents of each edition represent the diversity of issues and methodologies with which graduate students in the department are currently engaged. Drawing upon object and theory-based analyses, the studies within Object indicate a continual questioning and renegotiation of meaning in the visual arts.

As with previous editions, the essays and reviews included represent the wide range of historical and theoretical concerns of our current research students. Object made the move on online, open access publication in 2015, with the intention to distribute content as widely as possible, increasing readership and public engagement via the department’s growing digital platform.

We welcome feedback about this website or about Object. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions. Similarly, individual authors are happy to engage in more specific dialogue either by email or post.

Should any postgraduate students in the Department of History of Art at UCL wish to be involved with the editing and production of Object or wish to be a contributor then do also contact the editorial board.

We also welcome review copies of new publications which should be sent to our postal address:

Object, University College London, Department of History of Art, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

Email: object@ucl.ac.uk


Gabriella Nugent, Lauren Rozenberg

Editorial Board

Helen Birkelli, Michael Green, Diva Gujral, Rosalind Hayes, Chloe Julius, Meret Kaufmann, Stephanie King, Marina Rovelli, Laura Scalabrella Spada

Advisory Board

Professor Mechthild Fend, Professor Tamar Garb, Professor Mignon Nixon, Professor Rose Marie San Juan, Dr Stephanie Schwartz, Professor Richard Taws

Object External Board

Dr Jo Applin (University of York), Dr Simon Baker (Tate Modern), Dr Francesca Berry (University of Birmingham), Dr Samuel Bibby (Association of Art Historians), Dr Warren Carter (Open University), Dr Richard Clay (University of Birmingham), Dr Catherine Clinger (College of the Atlantic), Dr Nick Grindle (UCL CALT), Dr Barnaby Haran (University of Hull), Dr Mary Hunter (McGill University), Dr Klara Kemp-Welch (Courtauld Institute of Art), Dr Ed Krčma (University College Cork), Dr Cliff Lauson (The Hayward Gallery), Dr Gil Pasternak (University of Huddersfield), Dr Harriet Riches (Kingston University), Dr Katie Scott (Courtauld Institute), Dr Tamara Trodd (University of Edinburgh)