History of Art


Object 4


Jo Applin - 'Materialized secrets’: Samaras, Hesse and small-scale boxes

Simone von der Geest - 'To Self. Unfinished Sketch’: Jonathan Richardson’s series of self-portrait drawings 1728-36

Amy Mechowski - 'Tantôt j’aime une femme et tantôt le Danois’: Natalie Barney’s masquerade self-portraits

Richard Taws - The 1790 Paris Federation and the visual (re)constitution of an idea

Jelena Todorovic - Investiture into history: the ideals of the Orthodox Church as represented in the ephemeral spectacle for Bishop Moisei Putnik


Rosie Bennett - Amy Newman (ed.), Challenging Art: Artforum 1962-1974

Warren Carter - The Cradle will Rock: Politics and Patronage in 1930s America

Florence Hallett - 'Botticelli’s Dante: The Drawings for the Divine Comedy’

Léon Lock - Aileen Dawson, Portrait Sculpture: A Catalogue of the British Museum Collection, 1675-1975

Catherine Rose Owsiany - Francis Frascina (ed.), Pollock and After: The Critical Debate