History of Art


Object 2



Simon Baker - The unacceptable face of the French Revolution

Jonathan Black - 'War without the gloss?’: masculinity, the feminine ideal and the image of the vulnerable British soldier in First World War memorial sculpture

Jon Shirland - 'The pill in the jam of modern art’: Masculinity, visual pleasure and social positioning in Walter Sickert’s ‘Camden Town Murder’ series

Anastassia Novikova - The marriage of signs, or the signs of marriage, or the ideal marriage of the Arundels

Nick Grindle - Big houses and little people: how formal patterns in the landscape relate to social composition in Jan Siberechts’ later works


Jane Williams - Stephen Coppel, Linocuts of the Machine Age: Claude Flight and the Grosvenor School

Léon E. Lock - Joanna Woodall (ed.), Portraiture: Facing the Subject

Paola D’Agostino - 'Algardi: l’altra faccia del Barocco’, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

Warren Carter - 'Jackson Pollock’, Tate Gallery, London

Dirk Breiding - Stuart W. Pyhrr and José-A. Godoy, Heroic Armor of the Renaissance: Filippo Negroli and his Contemporaries