History of Art


Object 3



Mark Godfrey - The Gates of Remembrance: An Oblique Look at Frank Stella’s Polish Villages

Sharon Patricia Harper - Fostering the Myth: Eliding Reality in Hal Foster’s The Return of the Real

Ute Kuhlemann - Literature and Publication: Hans Sachs’s Poetry and the Sixteenth-Century Broadsheet

Jamie Mulherron - Prussian Blue, Boucher, and Newton: The Material, The Theory, and the Practice of Rococo Painting

Jelena Todorovic - The Orthodox Concept of Renovatio Imperii and the Equestrian Portrait of Emperor Dushan


Rosie Bennett - 'Encounters: New Art from Old’, National Gallery, London

Warren Carter - Modern Art at the Millennium: A Critical Look at the new Tate Modern

Isabelle Feilitzsch - Bettina Gockel, Kunst und Politik der Fabre: Gainsboroughs Portraitmalerei

Daniel Godfrey - Arthur I. Miller, Insights of Genius: Imagery and Creativity in Science and Art

Camila Henman Belchior - 'Lost in Space’: Francesca Woodman at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Richard Taws - 'Carnivalesque’, a national touring exhibition

Tamara Trodd - Rosalind Krauss, “A Voyage on the North Sea”: Art in the Age of the Post-Medium Condition