History of Art


Object 5



Mercedes Cerón-Peña - Patriotic Citizens and Conscripted Soldiers: Representing ‘Frenchness’ in Lethière’s La Patrie en Danger (1799)

Caroline Donnellan - Hoogstraten’s House: Representing the Domestic Interior in the Dutch Republic

Harriet Riches - Delicate cutting: Francesca Woodman’s articulation of the photographic coupe

Rachel Sanders - The American Scene: Sloan and Soyer at the Whitney Genre Exhibition, 1935


Jo Applin - James Meyer, Minimalism: Art and Polemics in the Sixties

Thomas Latham - Nigel Spivey, Enduring Creation: Art, Pain and Fortitude

Melinda Silva - The Mirror Has Two Faces: How the Victoria and Albert Museum manufactures ‘Britishness’ in the new British Galleries

Richard Taws - Warren Roberts, Jacques-Louis David and Jean-Louis Prieur: Revolutionary Artists and the exhibition La Révolution par la gravure: Tableaux historiques de la Révolution française