History of Art


Object 1



Richard Clay - Saint-Sulpice de Paris: art, politics and sacred space in Revolutionary Paris 1789-1795

Louise Govier - Contemplating contradictions: re-viewing Marie-Geneviève Bouliar’s Aspasie

Ute Kornmeier - Madame Tussaud’s first exhibition in England 1802-1803

Francesca Berry - Working mothers: the representation of domestic and professional labour in Édouard Vuillard’s interiors

Susan Owens - 'Flat blasphemies against art’: Aubrey Beardsley and the Salomé scandal


Dave Cole - Timothy Clayton, The English Print 1688-1802

Daniel Godfrey - Giovanni Careri, Bernini: Flights of Love, the Art of Devotion

Anastassia Novikova - Wayne Franits (ed.), Looking at Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art: Realism Reconsidered

Vicky Rowlands - Mary Kelly, Imaging Desire

Jon Shirland - Michael Denning, The Cultural Front: The Laboring of American Culture in the Twentieth Century

Jane Williams - Philip M. Taylor, Munitions of the Mind: A History of Propaganda from the Ancient World to the Present Day; Jana Howlett and Rod Mengham (eds), The Violent Muse: Violence and Artistic Imagination in Europe 1910-1939