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    • A

    Leah Acherson Roberts How can contemporary sculpture be used to communicate archaeology in Museums

    Laura Arcidiacono Development of a non-invasive neutron technique for the analysis of trace elements in gold objects from pre-Columbian period in South America

    Laura Adlington Investigation of technology, production and deterioration of medieval stained glass using handheld pXRF

    Murray Andrews Coin hoards and society in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544 AD

    Isabel Annal The effects of social change on infant funerary practices: a study of baby burials on the frontiers of the Western Roman Empire          

    Felipe Armstrong Bodies, Persons and Worlds: Approaching prehistoric and early historic anthropomorphic art of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

    Nichola Arthur Archaeological Human Remains from the River Thames and its London Deposits

    Ciprian Astaloș Ground stones in the Neolithic of Western Romania

    • B

    Agnese Benzonelli Validation of Analytical Methods for a Non-Invasive Characterization of Natural and Artificial Patinas

    Valentina Bernardi Impact of Agricultural Intensification and Population Expansion on the Health, Growth, and Disease of the Post-Meroitic and Late Medieval Upper Nubian Populations

    Anna Bloxam Funerary diversity across the British Beaker period (c.2450-1950 BC)

    Lesley Blundell  An assessment of the Lower-Middle Palaeolithic Archaeological Record of the Chalk Uplands of Northwest Europe

    Hannah Bullmore The Development of Domestic Architecture in Britain and Ireland, 4000 - 1400 BC

    Andie Byrnes The development of early food producing economies in Egypt A comparative study

    • C

    Rafie Cecilia Inclusive visions: the role of inclusive technology in the making of meaning for blind and partially sighted museum visitors

    Julie Chang A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Chinese Lacquer Technology

    Elaine Charwat Nature of replication: Natural History Museums & the circulation of casts and models

    Scott Chaussée Social Landscapes of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Sussex

    Louis Champion An archaeobotanical study of food and drink evolution in the African Savannah - Forest transition

    Zhiming Chen Presenting narratives of the Maritime Silk Routes: A comparative study of museum exhibitions on the route of MSR

    Jon Cogdale Analysis of synchronic and diachronic variations in the plaggen soils of north-west Europe in relation to social, cultural and environmental variations, AD 1000-1800.

    Rhiannon Comeau Land, people and power in early medieval Wales: the cantref of Cemais in comparative perspective

    Catalina Contreras Mira Lithic technology and raw material economy in the steppe of Central-Western Patagonia

    Stefania Cucuteanu The Palaeoecology of Bovidae Fauna at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: A Complete Taxonomic Assessment of Beds I-IV and the Abiotic and Biotic Interactions in Plio-Pleistocene Faunal Communities"Silva Code Source «Indigo: Add an anchor»

    • D

    Rita Dal Martello Agricultural trajectories in Southwest China: a comparative analysis on archaeobotanical remains from Neolithic Yunnan

    Mark Dalton Early Bronze Age British Funerary Vessels: similarities and differences in manufacturing techniques and the socio-cultural implications

    Marion Davidson The Frequency, Accuracy, and Reliability of the Ancestry Estimation Methods in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology

    Xin Ding Site formation process, Pleistocene assemblages, and hominin behavioural patterns at open-air sites in lake margin environments 

    Michael D'Aprix Archaeological Theory, Philosophy and Scientific Methodology

    Tom Dwyer Reconstructing the ecology and extinction dynamics of Late Quaternary megafauna in China.

    Gabriela Dziki Thriving at the Time of Collapse: Changes in Architectural Style and Influences During the Transitional Period Between the Late Classic and Early Postclassic in Northern Belize.

    Melissa Dobson Intervertebral disc disease: its prevalence, distribution and relationship to other spinal pathology in two human skeletal populations from Chichester, England

    Lindsay Duncan The study of archaeological deposits to examine local soil formation at Marco Gonzalez, Ambergris Caye, Belize: investigating the potential for Life-Cycle Assessment in Archaeology

    • E
    • F

    David Fallon The Assemblage of the Mind. An Archaeological Rhythmanalysis of Living in Ancient Merv

    Giacomo Fontana The Samnites and successful alternatives to urban organisation in the 1st millennium BCE Mediterranean

    Amanda Ford Spora (Re)conceptualising authentic audience narratives of people in relationships with objects and sites of ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Sarah Forgesson  Future of island heritage in the face of climate change: the challenges and opportunities of heritage management in the South Pacific

    Ana Franjić Iron Age Glass Technology in South East Europe

    • G

    Katrina Gafner Understanding the Thermal Alteration of Cranial Blunt Force Trauma Fractures

    Carlotta Gardner Metalworking Crucibles in Roman Britain

    Julian Garay Vazquez "From the earth to the plate": An archaeobotanical approach to cross-cultural interactions, adaptation strategies, and subsistence variations in the Longue Duree amoung pre-Colombian societies in Puerto Rico through the student of subsistence remains

    Aaron Gasparik Analysing the variations in rotator cuff disease prevalence in skeletal assemblages from different geographic, social and temporal contexts throughout the UK

    Ikram Ghabriel The Cult of Ptah in Thebes

    Jilke Golbach Reclaiming the Ruins of Modern Rome: the regeneration of industrial heritage sites in the 'Eternal City'

    Lara Gonzalez Carretero On the origins of bread cultures in the Near East: a new archaeobotanical study of charred meals and cooking practices from Neolithic Çatalhöyük (Turkey) and Jarmo (Iraq)

    Jill Goulder Modern development studies as a resource for understanding working animal use in later human prehistory: the example of 4th-3rd millennium BC Mesopotamia

    Maura Griffith Sex Estimation of Juvenile Remains Using Dental Metrics

    • H

    Pauline Harding Ritual, identity and ideology: constructing the past in sub-Saharan Africa

    Barney Harris Landscapes of Labour: A quantitative study of monument construction in North Wessex c. 4000-2000BC

    Xosé Hermoso-Buxán Built Environment and Society in Iran from the Neolithic to the Iron Age: Insights from Spatial and Network Analysis

    Cara Hirst Biomechanical adaptations of the human mandible in relation to dietary changes occurring over time

    Sarah Hoile Title of Research: Death, Time and Commerce: innovation and conservatism in styles of funerary material culture in 18th-19th century London

    Shan Huang The Origin of White Porcelain in North China

    • I

    Cristina Ichim The Kylix, the Chamber Tomb and the Boar's Tusk Helmet: Processes of Cultural Affiliation in the Middle and Late Bronze Age Southern Aegean

    • J

    John Johnston Aspects of display and identity in 'Egyptian' burials at Panopolis (Akhmim) during the Ptolemaic period

    Mark Johnson What contribution did marine resource procurement and coastal resource exploitation make to the ancient Maya economy? Of particular interest are critical periods of transition, namely the Maya collapse, and adaptations to Spanish and British colonial activity in the 16th and 17th centuries.

    Ivana Jovanovic In lapide veritas? Lithic industries at the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the western Balkans

    • K

    Alexander Kabelindde  Technological behaviour of Homo erectus in Beds II, III and IV, Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania)

    Panos Kratimenos Ventrally placed, legs flexed (VPLF) burials as a proxy for cultural and political change at Marco Gonzalez, Belize

    Marie Kvicalova Age-related Difference in Dental Caries between Men and Women: Social and biological Factors

    • L

    Kyle Lee-Crossett Vision and decision- making in archives and collections

    Benedict Leigh The trade and usage of Lapis Lazuli across the Middle East during the Middle Ages

    Clare Lewis Developing Disciplinary Knowledge: Inaugural Lectures in Egyptology

    Chen Lim Shopping in Ancient Southeast Asia: The Ceramic Trade and its Footprint in Three Port Settlements

    Yaxiong Liu Iron and the Rise of the Qin Empire: An Exploration of the Iron Industry and its Social Impact during the Warring States Period

    Yunxiao Liu Challenges and opportunities in the management and sustainable use of remote sites: a case study on the Oases Routes of the Silk Roads

    Natalia Lozada Mendieta Ancient Pots and Potters and Communities of Practice in the Átures Rapids (Middle Orinoco River, Venezuela)

    • M

    Maja Maricevic Research functions in large heritage organisations: impact of the UK cultural and research policies on the institutional research strategies and practice

    Carmen Martin-Ramos Homo erectus behavioural and cognitive evolution at Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania). A technological approach

    Gwendoline Maurer Diaspora Subsistence Strategies: Tracing 3rd millennium migrants to the Levant

    Sally McAleely Arranged Plant Material as Material Culture: A Study of Archaeobotanical Remains including Bouquets and Garlands from Ancient Egypt

    Alec McLellan A Tale of Two Maya Cities: Settlement Change, Cultural Continuity, and Landscape Ecology between Ka'Kabish and Lamanai

    Antanas Melinis Conditions for the safe storage of early glass

    Flora Michelaki Mortuary architecture, depositional behaviour and social change in the tholos cemeteries of south-central Crete, 3000-1700 BC.

    Liana Miller A critical investigation of the homogenisation of professionalism and the stifling of diversity across institutional status-position

    Josie Mills Tracking the Hunters: Geochemical Profiling of Neanderthal Stone Tools as a means to Reconstruct Movement, Landscape Use, and Social Interaction in the Middle Palaeolithic English Channel

    Anna Moles Urbanism and its impact on human health: a long-term study at Knossos, Crete

    Lisa Monetti Evidence of changing cremation practices in Britain through analysis of cremated human remains

    Haggai Mor Issues concerning the function and purpose of archaeological material collections

    • N

    Mariana Nabais Neanderthal Small Prey Consumption in Central Portugal

    Luisa Nienhaus Remembering Europe's bloody past: How do contemporary commemorations of the Napoleonic Wars reflect changing ideas of Europe and European identities?

    Ole Nordland Iron making in Viking Age Scandinavia (c. AD 750 - 1000): Political power, knowledge transmission and technological changes

    • O

    Veronica Occari Byzantine and Islamic elements in Italian glass: From the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance with a special focus on the role of Venice

    Daniela Paz Osorio Ferrada Early occupation of the Altiplano of Chile, Peru and Bolivia: Technology, activities and mobility routes, an interpretative model

    Janna Oud Ammerveld Climate change and the future of European heritage

    • P

    Hannah Page Ceramics and Society at Ntuusi, Western Uganda

    Ellen Pavey Making the Invisible Visible in the Contemporary Art Museum

    Jason Peters Adaptive continuity, pattern and process in the exploitation (and built environment) of woodland-pastures in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England

    María Teresa Plaza Gold and silver technology in San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile, during the Middle Period (AD 400-900)

    Dominic Pollard A Comparative Analysis of Cretan Settlement, Economy and Society from the 12th-6th centuries BCE.

    Ornella Prato Intertwined lives in the Mediterranean: Humans and animals at Etruscan Tarquinia

    Eleanor Preston The Ubaid in the Persian Gulf: compositional and petrographic analysis of potsherds from Iraq to the Straits of Hormuz

    • Q

    Mitzy Quinto Cortes Destroyed but not lost: How to overcome an earthquake?

    • R

    Liam Richards The Effect of Temperature and Multivalent Ions on the Oxidation State of Copper in Ancient Glass

    Kay Richardson BEYOND WORDS: How can significance led placemaking that integrates heritage values create a more socially responsible urban design process?

    Joe Roe Modelling prehistoric hunting strategies in Jordan

    • S

    John Sharrock The bombing of British cities and the contesting of remembrance: WW2 civilian experience and its commemoration since 1945 

    Thomas Siek Reconsidering Palaeoepidemiological Investigations in Palaeo-Oncology

    Fiona Skinner The effects of biodiversity on hunter-gatherer behaviour in late Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Britain

    Christopher Silvester A dental revolution? The intriguing effects of the profound social and dietary changes of the 18/19th centuries on the masticatory system

    Hayley Simon Characterising marine archaeological iron degradation and the efficacy of treatments to date: worth a shot?

    Ilkka Sipilä Applying supervised deep convolutional neural network to identify bones from archaeological assemblages

    Viviana Siveroni Household organization and social integration in the Late Prehispanic Period of the Nasca region, Peru

    Lucy Sladen Changing Human-Animal Interactions in post-Roman Britain: Can We Detect Socio-Economic and Cultural Change?

    Hanna Sosnowska The Socio-Economic Implications of Lithic Technologies in the Late Prehistory of Iraqi Kurdistan

    Christine Spencer Picking up the Pieces: Assessing the role of legacy survey data in interpretations of social change in Bronze Age Crete

    Arthur Starzec Regionalism and identity in the UK and France from the 17th Century through the development of transport networks

    Kate Swinson Over-Hunting, Population Pressure, or Climate Change? Meta-Analysis of the Drivers of Faunal Change in the Late Palaeolithic Levant

    • T

    Tian Tian Decline of grave goods in 3rd millennium BC Egypt

    Tong Tong Assessment on the treatment methodology and performance efficiency of nanolime as a consolidant in the conservation of wall paintings extreme weather conditions

    Oscar Toro Bardeci Ethnoarchaeology of settlement pattern and mobility of Pehuenche groups on the Western Andes of southern Chile

    Paul Tourle Sound, Heritage and the Everyday

    Atena Ungureanu The Restoration of Ancient Egypt - Continuity and Reinvention in Late Period Elite Tomb Scenes

    • V

    Youri van den Hurk Social Implications of Cetacean Exploitation in Medieval North-Western Europe

    Nelly (Eleanor) von Aderkas Containing Commodities: Determining Organic Residues In Greek Painted Pottery

    Umberto Veronesi The archaeology of laboratory experiments and early chemistry. Oxford to Jamestown and back

    Bruno Vindrola-Padrós The Early Neolithic Broken World: the Role of Pottery Breakage in Central and South-Eastern Europe

    Sanja Vucetic Sexuality in Roman provinces: creating identities through sexual representations in colonial settings

    • W

    Shaochen Wang The Protection, Designation and Management of Cultrual Routes: The Tea & Horse Road in China

    Shaohan Wang The Silk Roads: A case study in serial transboundary protection and management

    Chloe Ward A (Re)Assessment of the use of documentary archives from the 19th and 20th Centuries in the Archaeology of Egypt, Sudan and the Near East

    Ethan White Non-Funerary Deposition in Early Medieval Britain: An Interdisciplinary Examination into Popular Religion

    Suzanna White The taxonomic status of Homo heidelbergensis sensu lato: A 3D geometric morphometric investigation of craniofacial variation

    Christie Willis Stonehenge and Late Neolithic mortuary practices

    Jonathan Wood The transmission of silver and silver extraction technology across the Mediterranean in Late Prehistory.

    Constance Wyndham Heritage preservation and national reconstruction in Afghanistan post 2001

    • Y

    Victoria Yorke-Edwards Obesity in London 1700-1850: the osteoarchaeological and archival evidence

    • Z

    Lisheng Zhang Jianchuan Museum Complex: Memory, Ethics and Power in Chinese Private Heritage Entrepreneurship

    Victoria Ziegler A study of urban trans-location in early medieval England: occupation identities in Saxon London 770-1020