Institute of Archaeology


Laurence Maidment-Blundell

Volunteers as re-narrators of Colonial Histories: their contribution to the de-colonisation of British Cultural Institutions


Email:   ycrnlma@ucl.ac.uk

Section:  Heritage Studies



The rationale for this PhD research is to build on wider societal pressure for British Cultural Institutions to explore the colonial histories of their collections and the institution itself by uncovering previously silenced histories. The next step for these Institutions will include volunteers as they relate these de-colonised histories for visitors and the wider public which raises two questions: ‘how do volunteers respond to the institution’s de-colonisation efforts?’ and ‘how should they engage with volunteers as they de-colonise their collections, properties and parklands?’. This PhD will examine the response of volunteers to on-going de-colonisation efforts at their own institutions as well as how various museums and cultural institutions can support volunteers in becoming active narrators and critical pedagogues of their de-colonised histories by fostering an ‘ecology of knowledge.


    • BA (hons) Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL, 2015-2018

    • MSc Urbanisation and Development, LSE, 2018-2019


    Maidment-Blundell, L. (2020), Infrastructure, Place-making and Sustainability, Cambridge: Cambridge Centre for Planning and Housing Research.