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Rhonda Prout

Origins of the English Landscape – Swine, Pannage and Droveways


Email:  rhonda.prout.17@ucl.ac.uk  
Section:  Archaeological Sciences


Origins of the English Landscape – Swine, Pannage and Droveways

The main theme of my research concerns pig husbandry during the Anglo-Saxon period, particularly the exploitation of pannage. Tooth wear and epiphyseal fusion will be used to describe cull profiles of pigs and identify patterns of seasonal slaughter. Stable Isotope analysis will be used to identify the season of farrowing and diet. Traditional biometrics of teeth and selected post-cranial elements will be gathered in order to identify the presence of wild boar. Central to this study is the interpretation of pig husbandry practices within their landscape context, achieved by combining methods from zooarchaeology and landscape archaeology, which will provide a new perspective in understanding the origins of the English countryside.




  • BSc. Clinical Communication Studies, The City University 1988
  • BSc. Archaeology. University of Reading 2017
  • MSc. Environmental Archaeology. UCL 2019