Sioban SenGupta

Sioban SenGupta

Dr Sioban SenGupta is Deputy Director of UCL Centre for PGD and heads molecular based diagnosis in PGD. She is a member of the ESHRE PGD Consortium Steering Committee. She is a principal investigator for research into preimplantation genetics and is the Institute Graduate Tutor (Research Students).


Sioban graduated from UCL in 1988 with a BSc in Microbiology / Genetics and completed her PhD at the Galton Laboratory, UCL in 1993. Between 1994 and 2003 Sioban was a Research Fellow in the Department of Surgery, UCL working on the genetics of the inherited cancer predisposition. In 2003 she joined the PGD team at UCL as a lecturer to oversee PGD for monogenic disorders.

Training and education

Sioban co- organises the biannual PGD workshop and has developed an extended hands on training programme in PGD. She is the lead for two genetics modules in the MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Medicine. She has supervised a number of PhD students and as the Graduate Tutor for Research students oversees the progress of all PhD and MD(Res) in the IfWH.

Research Interests

Sioban’s research interests are based on the changes that arise in gene expression from fertilisation to the blastocyst stage of human preimplantation development. She is studying DNA repair in early embryos through the analysis of mRNA, microRNA and DNA methylation profiles of these genes in human oocytes and blastocysts and also using functional assays. Part of her research involves the development of new protocols that can be applied clinically in PGD.

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