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Fire Safety at UCL

UCL employs a dedicated team of fire safety professionals, who assist the University in complying with legal requirements and ensuring that all persons at and nearby UCL are safe if a fire occurs. This website provides some basic information on how fire safety is implemented at UCL, to assist staff, students and contractors in understanding UCL requirements and policies which assist us in protecting our people, buildings and business from the potentially devastating effects of an uncontrolled fire.

Contact the fire team by e-mailing: fire@ucl.ac.uk

A copy UCLs Management of Fire Safetry Standard can be found at the following link:

UCLs Management of Fire Safety Standard pdf

Report a fire incident

It is essential that all fires within UCL properties are reported regardless of their size. It is important for the UCL Fire Safety Manager to investigate fire occurrences to help establish any failures in communications or equipment, organisation systems and the possible cause. Furthermore, it is important statistically for insurance purposes and emergency planning to be able to monitor incidents or fire. To report a fire incident use the following link:

Report an incident

Fire Safety Guidance for Staff and Students
Project and Design Teams
Fire Training
Fire Risk Category
Emergency Evacuation Plans by Building
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