Fire Evacuation Marshal

Every department at UCL will have a Fire Marshal. Their responsibilities are detailed here along with information on Fire Marshal training and how to become one.

Heads of Departments must nominate a minimum of 3 Fire Evacuation Marshals (FEM) per small floor. More for larger or more complex areas. Plus, appoint one Senior Fire Evacuation Marshall (SFEM) with adequate deputies to cover absences. 

Fire Evacuation Marshal responsibilities

The responsibilities of Senior Fire Evacuation Marshals and Fire Evacuation Marshals are outlined in the UCL Fire Evacuation Marshal guidance notes (TN080) (UCL login required)

Fire Extinguishers 

Extinguishers are only tested and inspected annually by a Service Engineer.  Therefore, any damage or problems may leave the extinguisher unserviceable for some considerable time before being rectified - this may then become a potential life safety issue.

Departments should undertake a visual inspection of fire extinguishers to ensure that they appear serviceable, available for use and unobstructed.  Reporting promptly any suspected defects or malicious discharges to the UCL Fire Safety Team (fire@ucl.ac.uk).  A visual inspection should look at the following:

  1. Are the extinguishers located on the fire point/wall bracket - unit not missing or moved?
  2. Are there signs of accidental or malicious discharge, or unit having been used?
  3. Are the safety pins or tamper seals disturbed, missing or broken?
  4. Are there any visual defects (i.e. dents, corroded body or leaking)?
  5. Are thy unobstructed and visible, with their operations instructions facing outwards?
  6. Are the indicator gages (where fitted) in the GREEN segment (If in RED please contact the fire safety team)?

> Fire extinguisher monthly checklist (TN026) (UCL login required)

Fire Evacuation Marshal training

In order to become a FEM, you need to complete the Basic Fire Safety Training. 

> See Fire Training (UCL login required)

Find your Fire Evacuation Marshal

To find out the list of the fire marshal's in your dept, please contact your line manager. 

FEM Essential Equipment

A list of essential or recommended Fire Marshal equipment is available from the Fire Safety SharePoint site. 

> FEM general equipment guide (TN081) (UCL login required)

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