Building Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are mandatory and are carried out by the Fire Safety Team. The frequency of Fire risk assessment surveys is determined by the building risk category.

View Fire Risk Assessments 

The Fire Risk Assessment process is the foundation on which Fire Safety Management at UCL is based.  UCL staff, students and contractors can view UCL fire risk assessments via riskNET.  We would encourage you to read the relevant Fire Risk Assessments for buildings that you frequently use.

Guide on how to access building fire risk assessments (pdf)
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Review Frequencies

Fire Risk Assessment review frequencies are dictated by the building fire risk category (Low Risk, Normal Risk, or Higher Risk), although each UCL building will receive at least one Fire Risk Assessment review annually.

TN_075 - Fire Risk Assessment Guidance

In accordance to the building risk category a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out within the below frequencies:

  • Low Risk Buildings - Every 4 years
  • Normal Risk Buildings - Every 3 years
  • Higher Risk Buildings - Every 2 years 

To find out what the fire risk category is for your building please either use the Fire Safety SharePoint site (UCL login required) or e-mail: fire@ucl.ac.uk

UCL has two levels of fire risk assessment carried out by the UCL fire safety team:

  1. An annual review is a check that the fire risk assessment is up-to-date and that the means of escape are generally satisfactory;
  2. A Fire Risk Assessment is a full inspection of all areas of the building in line with their building Fire Risk Category (listed above).


Actions arising from fire risk assessments

Actions arising from Fire Risk Assessments will be allocated via riskNET to Departmental and Estates staff responsible for ensuring that they are completed. If you receive an action following a Fire Risk Assessment and are unsure of any aspect of how to complete what is required, you can contact us by emailing fire@ucl.ac.uk

If you require guidance on how to access these actions, please follow the instructions in our riskNET user guide (doc)

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