Fire Training

Basic Fire Safety Training is mandatory for ALL members of UCL at the start of their careers or studies. Refresher Basic Fire Safety Training is also required to be completed every 3 years.

Mandatory Fire Safety Training 

The Basic Fire Safety Training course is mandatory for all staff including temporary workers and postgraduate students. The Basic Fire Safety Training eLearning module is to be completed thereafter every 3 years. 

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For queries on this Fire Safety Training, please contact safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk.  

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Basic Fire Safety Training Induction form TN086

All staff must complete a Fire Safety Local Induction and Familiarisation form (TN086) once they have completed their mandatory Basic Fire Safety Training eLearning module within 3 years, not exceeding. 

The Mandatory Basic Fire Safety Training eLearning module is to be completed every 3 years. 

Staff are required to complete the local induction and familarisation form (TN086) for the following reasons:

  • Staff are new or unfamiliar to their workspace (including new staff and inductions) 
  • Changes to the work environment that have had an impact on the level of risk, work processes, fire safety controls or means of escape. 
  • When the individual does not feel confident or familiar with the local fire action plan. 
  • If you have been away or working from home for more than six months.

Guidance for completing the local induction and familiarisation form: 

TN086a - Local induction and familiarisation guide (UCL login required) 

Staff local induction and familiarisation form (UCL login required)​ →

Maintenance and Student accommodation forms 

> TN086b - Maintenance staff local induction and familiarisation form (UCL login required)
TN086d - Student accommodation local induction and familiarisation form (UCL login required)

Refresher fire safety training 

Online training
All staff are required to repeat their Basic Fire Safety Training (eLearning) every 3 years however, you can re-enrol on the course sooner, if you would like to refresh your knowledge on the fire safety procedures at UCL. 

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Safe use of Fire Extinguishers training

Fire Safety
This extremely practical course will provide designated Fire Evacuation Marshals with experience in using fire extinguishers safely and effectively.

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Fire Evacuation for People with Disabilities 

This training module highlights UCL procedures and fire safety provisions towards ensuring people requiring additional assistance or support, are able to evacuate safely from UCL’s premises. This course is recommended to be completed by Fire Evacuation Marshals (FEMs), department managers, senior members of staff, and department safety officers. However, all members of staff are welcome to complete the training.

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Fire Evacuation Marshal (FEM) Training

Fire exit
The Fire Evacuation Marshal (FEM) Training is to be completed by those who wish to fulfil the role of a FEM. Those who wish to extend their knowledge of the fire safety procedures at UCL are welcome and encouraged to complete this course. This training course will need to be completed on a 3 yearly basis.

A multiple-choice knowledge test will need to be completed at the end of the training, to confirm you have a firm understanding of how to fulfil the role of an FEM.

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Become a Fire Marshal

If you wish to become a Fire Marshal for your Department once you have completed The Basic Fire Safety Training module, please notify the Head of Department. The Fire Team will provide the equipment you will require. This will be made available for collection on request from Bidborough House, 38-50 Bidborough Street, London WC1H 9BT. 

Fire Evacuation Marshal