Fire Safety Risk Management Standard 

This standard reflects the importance University College London (UCL) attaches to fire safety.  UCL is committed to achieving best practice in fire safety by assessing and managing fire risks to prevent harm to 'Relevant Persons' and anyone else that may be affected by its activities.  UCL recognises that fire safety is an important management function and is committed to the integration of fire safety management into its core functions and activities.

This fire standard is designed to clearly set out arrangements, the duties required of senior managers as duty holders to the responsible person, staff and students.  Both to ensure statuary compliance but also to mitigate the impact of fire both from an enforcement point of view but more importantly from a life safety, property protection and business continuity stance.

The aim of this standard is to further encourage and promote the safe management of all UCL work and activities so as to reduce the risk of fire incidents. 

Fire safety management is a key aspect in controlling the risk to people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire in all buildings and facilities.

The Fire Safety Risk Management Standard has been authorised by both the University Management Committee (UMC) and the President and Provost on Tuesday at 26 April 2022.

UCL Fire Risk Management Standard (MI01) (UCL Login required)​ →

Summary of duty holder fire safety risk management standard responsibilities:

To support Duty Holders and senior managers we have produced a summary which sets out key high level statutory fire safety compliance responsibilities and arrangements.  A copy of the fire standard is available from this link:

UCL Fire Safety Risk Management Standard Summary (MI01a) (UCL login required) →


UCL Fire Safety Governance

Fire safety at UCL is overseen by the Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WHSC) though a Fire Safety Sub-Committee (FSSC). Fire Safety Sub-Committee meets quarterly, with meetings chaired by a senior Director and will generally summarise the following:

  • Advise Council, through the WHSC, on all matters relating to fire safety at UCL.
  • Propose, develop and monitor implementation of the fire safety and risk management standard at UCL.
  • Report specifically to the WHSC on any matters deemed significant by the committee by the submission of specific papers and through the submission of regular routine reports.
  • Receive updates on legislation and regulations relating to fire safety and to monitor UCL’s compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Review fire safety risk assessments and associated activities.

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