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Fire Safety Advice

We provide regulatory and practical Fire Safety advice to UCL management and staff, ensuring how best to meet relevant standards and practices. In addition, we are responsible for the day to day management of fire fighting equipment, fire safety signage, implementation of Fire Risk Assessments, fire safety inspections and advice on new projects and refurbishments.

Who We Are

Simon Cooke
UCL Fire Safety Manager
Tel: 020 7679 1240
UCL Ext: 41240
Email: simon.cooke@ucl.ac.uk
Keith Todd
Fire Safety Officer
Tel: 020 7679 1963
UCL Ext: 41963
Terry Martin
Assistant Fire Officer
Tel: 020 7679 1260
UCL Ext: 41260
Email: t.martin@ucl.ac.uk
Contact Simon regarding fire safety management, project related matters and advice Contact Keith for issues regarding fire risk assessments, fire safety advice and specialist fire safety training Contact Terry regarding damaged or missing fire signage and damaged, faulty or discharged fire extinguishing equipment

Report a Fire Incident

It is essential that all fires within UCL properties are reported regardless of their size. It is important for the UCL Fire Safety Manager to investigate fire occurrences to help establish any failures in communications or equipment, organisation systems and the possible cause. Furthermore, it is important statistically for insurance purposes and emergency planning to be able to monitor incidents or fire.

Fire Risk Assessments & Emergency Plans

This page displays individual fire risk assessments and emergency plans for UCL buildings where appropriate, and is provided for use by staff and visitors to comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This information is provided solely for use by UCL staff and students and is not to be used or distributed outside of UCL without the permission of the UCL Fire Safety Manager.

Fire Safety Management Standards

The fire safety management standards reflects the importance UCL attaches to Fire Safety and is committed to achieving good practice in the management of fire safety by assessing and managing fire risks to prevent harm to its staff, students, visitors and anyone else who may be affected by its activities.

UCL Fire Safety Technical Notes & Mandatory Instructions

These pages provide fire safety guidance for use by UCL staff, students and specific UCL contractors. The guides are designed to help users with simple explanations on how to practically comply with requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (Fire Safety order) or provide guidance of arrangements and procedures at specific locations or over the UCL estate as a whole.

Last updated June 2011 by the UCL Fire Safety Manager


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Report a Fire Incident

Fire Risk Assessments & Emergency Plans

Fire Safety Technical Notes & Mandatory Instructions

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