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Perinatal Care and Operative Birth

Professor Dimitrios Siassakos
Dimitrios Siassakos, EGA Institute for Women's Health, UCL

Research Group Lead

Email: d.siasakos@ucl.ac.uk

Research Profile



To optimise health and safety in pregnancy and birth for every parent

The group’s work specifically focusses on birth and birth emergencies, as well perinatal death and brain injury prevention



  • Revolutionalise operative and assisted birth (ventouse, forceps, manual rotation) and obstetric surgery (caesarean birth) in the UK and globally
  • Investigate solutions to improve care and prevention for serious perinatal incidents from recurrent miscarriage to stillbirth and neonatal death and brain injury
  • Improve team care at the frontline: sophisticated research to develop simple solutions that make good care the easiest option
  • Robust evaluation of interventions to ensure all parents and staff have access to care that is effective, safe, and associated with positive experience
  • Develop high-tech and frugal solutions to improve safety of birth



  • National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit – Prof. Jenny Kurinczuk: PMRT Collaboration, Maternal & Neonatal Health and Care Policy Research Unit
  • Australian Stillbirth Centre for Research Excellence – Prof. Vicki Flenady
  • Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit – Prof. Peter Brocklehurst
  • University of Oxford – Dr Lisa Hinton
  • University of Edinburgh – Prof. Jane Norman
  • University of Manchester – Prof. Alex Heazell
  • University of Warwick – Prof. Jo Angouri
  • University of Liverpool – Prof. Andrew Weeks
  • University of Bristol & North Bristol NHS Trust – Dr Christy Burden, Dr Islam Gamaleldin, Dr Danya Bakhbakhi, Dr Stephen O’Brien


Group Members

  • Associate Professor Dimitrios Siassakos, UCL IfWH
  • Professor Anna David, UCL IfWH
  • Ms Chiara Messina, UCLH Clinical Research Manager
  • Professor Manish Tiwari, UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering
  • Professor Adrien Desjardin, UCL Engineering
  • Dr George Attilakos, Consultant Fetal Medicine, UCLH
  • Dr Melissa Whitten, Consultant Fetal Medicine, UCLH
  • Angela Velinor, Lead Midwife for Education & Maternity CPF Team Lead, UCLH
    Research Training Fellow
  • Robert Stafford-Williams UCL CDT Medical Imaging Doctoral Student

Operative Birth & Obstetric Surgery

Human Factors

Perinatal Mortality Prevention & Care

Implementation and Data Science

Clinical Trials


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