EGA Institute for Women's Health


Key Research Funding

  • National Institute for Health Research HTA 2019-21:
    Chronic endometritis & miscarriage: the role of the endometrial microbiome: £164,190
  • National Institute for Health Research HTA 2018-23
    Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care: £
    The UCL group will lead or contribute to studies concerning: safe delivery of maternity care, effective multidisciplinary teamwork, patient experience of complicated birth, better care and outcomes for bereaved parents, preventing intrapartum stillbirths and involving parents in hospital investigations
  • National Institute for Health Research HTA 2018-21
    Mode of delivery for preterm infants (CASSAVA): £310,000
  • National Institute for Health Research 2017-20
    Core Outcome Set for Bereavement Care Research (iCHOOSE): £367,000
  • National Institute for Health Research HTA 2017-21
    COPE: The Carboprost or Oxytocin Postpartum haemorrhage study: £1,860,000
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, 2016-19: Development of tool to facilitate standardised perinatal mortality reviews (PMRT): £1,000,000
  • Australian Government National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), 2017-22: Stillbirth Research Excellence Centre: AUS $2,500,000
  • Health Foundation 2016-18:
    Parents’ Active Role & ENgagement in Their Stillbirth/perinatal death review (PARENTS): £73,119
  • Health Foundation 2017-18:
    STROBE study:
    The Simulation Training for Operative Birth – Evaluation (STROBE) Study: £73,242
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), 2016-20:
    ESRC Collaborative Doctoral Award: Teamwork in Real-life obstetric emergencies (TREAT): £100,000