UCL East


Funded community projects

One of our main streams of activity is to offer funding to support the development of participatory projects in east London.

We offer support by funding innovative projects that make an impact.

For our UCL researchers wanting to get a creative practitioner involved, explore ways of communicating their findings in an engaging way, or needing a budget to repay community groups for their time, we have a number of funding streams to help support these projects.

To date, we have been able to support a hugely varied programme of participatory projects, working with diverse groups local to the UCL East campus and across London. Below is a selection to inspire you.

For info, contact engagement-east@ucl.ac.uk

Poster from Newham Youth Map. Hand drawn images of young people.

Highlights from our past funded projects

Two people talking outside.

Trellis projects 

Flow Unlocked

This creative autistic-led collaborative project highlighted the importance of relationships to autistic people, especially in the face of Covid-19.

Light Wave

This project afforded recognition to the east London d/Deaf community’s history, culture and language. 

Windrush generation cricket team photograph.

Community Engagement Seed Fund Projects

Windrush Cricket

In collaboration with Hackney Council and Hackney Museum, this oral history project explored the role of cricket in black British communities.

Diverse Voices

This community engagement project focused on diversity in health research participation using participatory photography. 

A person reads from their phone in an art gallery.

Beacon Bursaries projects

RGB East

To explore vision and perception, east London locals were invited to upload their colourful photos that were turned into individual optical illusion videos and added to a map.

Contraception choices for trans and non-binary people

A virtual workshop aimed at health workers advising on contraception choices for trans and non-binary people.

Two elderly people walk together down a wooded path.

Train and Engage projects 

Bringing poetry, neuroscience and older adults together

This project set out to share the latest neuroscience discoveries in cognitive ageing with older people, and used poetry as a medium to get their feedback in how UCL research should evolve.


A person writes on sticking notes.

Listen and Respond projects

Listen and Respond was an initiative to explore how UCL as a whole can best “Listen and Respond” to the needs of communities and the voluntary sector in London as they confront and recover from COVID19. In partnership with UCL Student's Union Volunteering Service, the initiative is supported with funding from UCL East, UCL Culture and Innovation and Enterprise.

Co-designing services for young east Londoners during COVID-19 and beyond

Responding to the challenges of growing up in east London, this project employed six local young designers to create a solution that helps improve their access to employment..

SOLO: Surviving or Thriving

A creative participatory project exploring how freelance creative practitioners in east London have been adapting their work in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

RE-INVENT Digital Pilot

Collaborating with artists, young ambassadors (11-14) and youth workers, UCL's Connected Environments team co-created a series of interactive online VR studios to creatively engage young people during lockdown.