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Clinician workshop: contraception choices for trans and non-binary people

16 April 2021

In March, Dr Julia Bailey held a virtual workshop aimed at health workers advising them around contraception choices for trans and non-binary people.

Transgender spelt out by bracelet beads

Dr Julia Bailey is an associate professor in the UCL e-Health Unit and a specialty doctor in community sexual health. Julia is also part of our IHE Impact Fellow 2020/21 cohort – a training scheme that aims to equip researchers with engagement skills to make a tangible impact beyond university walls.

The workshop covered:

  • Trans and non-binary 101 - Clarification of terms 
  • How can we make health services welcoming and safe for trans and non-binary people? 
  • Contraceptive methods for controlling fertility: pros and cons of different methods 

Julia emphasised the importance of not making assumptions about gender identity, anatomy and sexual practice when asking questions about sexual health – and how this applies to cisgender, transgender and non-binary people. For example, instead of asking a patient if their sexual partner is male or female, asking if they produce sperm.

She also provided tips on how health services can make trans and non-binary people feel at ease in the clinic, from displaying posters showing LGBTQIA people they are welcome, to providing gender-neutral toilet facilities.

Reflecting on the workshop, Julia said:

"Zoom has transformed the opportunities to connect and learn from each other. The workshop on contraception choices for trans and non-binary people brought together students, educators, clinicians and policy-makers who are committed to transforming health services for those who are often excluded." 

The workshop received excellent feedback from attendees, with many saying they intended to seek further training or information on the topic and make changes to their clinical practice.

Julia’s public engagement work was funded by a Beacon Bursary for Public Engagement from UCL Culture. The fund will re-open in summer 2021, but currently, the team is offering Public Engagement Skills and Practice – free to attend, two-hour training sessions, for anyone at UCL who self-identifies as a researcher and/or wants to embed public engagement into their work. Find out more.