Translational Research Office (TRO)


Developing Translational Strategy

The TRG supports researchers in developing a translational strategy of their ideas to de-risk projects and make them more attractive to translational funding and industry investment for NHS adoption.

Key activities

  • Connecting investigators across the University and its partner hospitals to optimise the early design and development of the therapeutic product (incl. technical, scientific and medical information required to satisfy regulators and industry partners)
  • Engaging with business experts (i.e. UCL Business, TRO Business & Innnovation Group) and industry to protect novel inventions, ensure freedom to operate and manage foreground/arising intellectual property
  • Identifying funding and winning external investment to achieve the uninterrupted progression of therapies   
  • Facilitating discussions and approval from regulators to meet safety and efficacy concerns for patient trials
  • Transitioning therapies from the University into industry or spin-out companies for later-stage development and commercialisation 

Successful translation of an idea into a NHS-adopted therapy is reliant upon strategic planning and effective decision-making by a diverse group of individuals. 

Translation of fundamental and clinical research findings requires the collaborative consideration of arguably the two biggest research concerns, namely risk and resources. Regardless of investigator altruistic drivers, clinical evaluation of the safety and efficacy of novel therapeutics has significant costs.   

UCL has established the TRO to provide core support to its investigators in the strategic development of their ideas so that they identify and mitigate risks early on, accelerate product progression from ‘bench-to-bedside’ and maximise attractiveness for public fund, philanthropic and industry investment to ensure patient benefit. 

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