Translational Research Office (TRO)


Meet the TRG

Contact information for the TRO's translational research and funding support team, the Translational Research Group (TRG).

 TRG Members:

Translational Research Managers:

Pamela Tranter
Pamela Tranter

Head, Translational Research Group

Email: p.tranter@ucl.ac.uk

Pamela joined the Translational Research Group in November 2014 and has been head of the group since Sept 2016. Pamela has led Thrombosis and Respiratory projects on multiple targets and is experienced in managing cross functional and global project teams. 

Pamela obtained her PhD in Platelet Biochemistry from the Royal Free Hospital Medical School and has extensive experience of drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry at Ciba-Geigy and Novartis. At Novartis, Pamela led the Respiratory Disease Ion Channel Group and implemented novel automated electrophysiology technologies enabling the prosecution of many diverse ion channel targets.

Contact Pamela for: 

  • Excellent connections with Funders, Industry and academic institutions working on Advanced Therapies
  • Help with managing AAV and CAR T Cell projects
  • Connection with any of the Therapeutic Innovation Network (TIN) communities
  • Approaching and working with key partners – UCL Business (UCLB), Joint Research Office (JRO), UCL Tech Fund (UCLTF) and many more!

Helen Cooksley headshot
Helen Cooksley

Portfolio Manager and Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) Coordinator (Devices and Diagnostics, Small Molecules)

Email: h.cooksley@ucl.ac.uk

Translational research has been the focus of Helen’s career, co-ordinating multidisciplinary teams of scientists, clinical staff and industry collaborators to develop novel & effective immunotherapeutic strategies for treatment of liver disease. She is now using her knowledge & experience to engage with & support early career researchers translate their discovery research. She holds a BSC in Biotechnology and an MSc in Medical Biochemistry.

Contact Helen to:

  • Discuss the internal translational funding opportunities provided by the TRO such as our Pilot Data Scheme and the Therapeutic Acceleration Support fund.
  • Learn about how the UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks facilitate knowledge exchange and partnerships between UCL researchers and industry experts within different therapeutic modalities, to identify common obstacles and provide solutions to accelerate translation.
  • Request information relating to the TRO’s pipeline of translational projects from early proof of concept studies through to mature pre-clinical & clinical projects.

Carolina Arancibia 
Carolina Arancibia

Senior Translational Research Manager in Advanced Therapies

Email: carolina.arancibia@ucl.ac.uk

Carolina joined the TRG in February 2021. She did her PhD in Imperial College and Harvard Medical School and comes from a life in academia where she lectured in Immunology and led a research group in the University of Oxford. In 2010, she and others established the Translational Gastroenterology Unit in Oxford and Carolina played a key role in developing and leading the translational science component of the unit by creating and curating a biobank of biological samples and clinical databases, as well as establishing and maintaining collaborations in target discovery and pre-clinical studies with industry.  

Contact Carolina for:

  • Understanding the pathway from bench to bed (and back to bench!)
  • Strategising your basic research into translational research and develop translational study protocols
  • Grant writing, Ethics protocol preparation, to develop and implement systematic procedures to facilitate translational studies
  • A coffee and a chat

Simon Newman 
Simon Newman

Senior Translational Research Manager

Email: simon.newman@ucl.ac.uk

Before joining the TRO Simon was the Chief Scientific Officer at NanoGenics, responsible for both the development of the peptide nanoparticle gene therapy delivery platform, LipTide, and driving forward NanoGenics in-house product pipeline. Working with a platform technology Simon worked across a wide range of sectors, from CAR-T to ophthalmology, and with a wide range of partners, from virtual Biotechs to the largest Pharma.

Simon has previously led oncology drug discovery projects, new company spinouts and worked at Imperial College London. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers, which have been cited 3000 times. Simon has also worked with Ipsen, Sterix, Imperial College Innovations, Oxandia Ltd and was Director of Research for Target Ovarian Cancer.

Contact Simon to:

  • Understand where your research fits into the translational pathway and how the TRO can help you move your research forward
  • Help you identify sources of translational research funding and work in partnership with you to optimise your application
  • Discuss with you how UCL and the TRO can support you from concept to clinic to commercial opportunities. 

Jennifer Furman 
Jennifer Furman

Senior Translational Research Manager

Email: j.furman@ucl.ac.uk

Jennifer began her research career in Physics, specialising in biophysics/nonlinear dynamics in biological systems. Following several stints as a post-doc in various fields under this remit (including projects on cardiology, ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, neuroscience and computer science), in 2017 Jennifer moved into research support, specialising in research and information governance, ethics/HRA/MHRA applications, IP, etc. In February 2022 Jennifer joined the Translational Research Office, where she looks forward to helping you with translating your research ideas towards direct patient benefit. 

Contact Jennifer to:

  • Help with better understanding trial sponsorship and how to identify the appropriate regulatory and governance pathways, particularly for medical devices.
  • Understand translational research more broadly, particularly the pathway from bed to bench.

Celia Murray-Dunning
Celia Murray-Dunning

Senior Translational Research Manager

Email: c.murray-dunning@ucl.ac.uk

Celia received her PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Following this she worked for several world leading research teams and clinical groups. Her work focused on bioregenerative medicine, stem cell research and medical device development, specifically in the areas of neurodegeneration and ophthalmology.

Celia has worked in both academic and industry settings and is an experienced research and development scientist specialising in translational research. She was developed a device from bench side to a clinical trial, has extensive GMP and clean room experience, alongside project management and technical lead skills. 

She joined the TRO in March 2022 and looks forward to helping academic groups navigate the translational pathway, to enable the world leading research at UCL reach patients as efficiently and quickly as possible.