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Meet the team and browse TRO contacts by function to find the most relevant contact within the team, who will be happy to help you meet your translational research needs.

Translational Research Office (TRO) key contacts:

Jane Kinghorn

Director, Translational Research Office: Jane Kinghorn
Email: j.kinghorn@ucl.ac.uk

Jane has extensive experience in developing therapies (of differing modalities) to clinical benefit gained from >20 years working in large pharma and academia. Her experience has spanned the drug discovery pathway, leading projects through target validation, lead optimisation, candidate selection through to the clinic and regulatory affairs.

Jane as Director of the Translational Research office is responsible for a team of highly experienced applied scientists tasked with establishing the organisational culture, capability and processes necessary to deliver the UCL and BRCs mission of "Accelerating translation for health and wealth".

PA to Director: Eileen McCann 
Email: eileen.mccann@ucl.ac.uk


Translational Research Team

Contact for:

  • Funding application advice and support to help you secure translational funding
  • Project and risk management of milestone driven projects
  • Advice on regulatory strategy

Head, Translational Research Group (TRG): Pamela Tranter
Email: p.tranter@ucl.ac.uk

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Industry Partnerships Team

Contact for: 

  • Help with finding the right biomedical academic/industry partner
  • Industry partnership management and advice for healthcare-based collaborations

Head, Business and Innovation Group (B&IG): Basma Jeelani
Email: b.jeelani@ucl.ac.uk

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Translational Education Team

Contact for: 

  • Training in translational research and information on the translational education resources and events available at UCL
  • Assistance in developing new translational training courses at all levels

Translational Training and Research Project Manager: Judy Hayler
Email: j.hayler@ucl.ac.uk

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Contact for: 

  • Newsletters, social media and promotions
  • TRO/Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) events and collaborations

Communications & Events Manager: Kristy Tsang
Email: kristy.tsang@ucl.ac.uk

The TRO are located in UCL Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7NF. Directions to UCL Maple House can be found here.