Translational Research Office (TRO)


Translational Education

The TRO, in conjunction with the Academic Careers Office (ACO), provides training in translational research through the ACCELERATE programme.


569 attendees at 64 ACCELERATE educational events run

29 Therapeutic Innovation Networks events, with over 1700 attendees

57 Early Career Researcher translational projects funded, providing over £649K to support pilot data

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4 Postdoctoral fellows supported on ITPTP 2 year programme with 100% success in securing Chartered status and immediate employment

 *Figures updated February 2022

Addressing translational knowledge and skills gaps

The team:

  • Have established a range of programmes to prepare and encourage the next generation of scientists and clinicians to enter the field of translational research.
  • Through the ACCELERATE programme, have established a range of online courses, training events and resources, including ACCELERATE potential – an introductory, self-paced online module on translational research.
  • Share knowledge and skills, through more traditional academic routes, by teaching on MSc and BSc courses, and provide some undergraduate placement opportunities. 
  • Work with academic module leaders to develop course content, lectures and skills training identified as key knowledge requirements for translational scientists.