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Supporting staff development at UCL

22 May 2020

We’ve developed a new Career Frameworks website to support colleagues in professional services with their career development.

Photo of two staff members using a camera

Along with Communities of Practice and Ways of Working, the Career Frameworks project was set up to support the TOPS vision of creating an environment in which our staff can personally develop and fulfil their potential.

Following the successful Communications and Marketing framework pilot in February last year, we now have Career Frameworks for staff working in Education Administration and Student Support, Human Resources and Project and Programme Management. To help staff use these different frameworks we’ve launched the new Career Frameworks website. 

Developed in partnership with professional services staff, the frameworks are designed to provide staff (and potential employees) with clear information about the skills and experience required to perform a range of job roles, in different service areas and at different levels of seniority across UCL. Used together with the UCL Ways of Working framework – which sets clear expectations about how we work – the frameworks can be used to support and inform ongoing personal and professional development.

Career Frameworks and Ways of Working now part of business as usual

Career Frameworks and UCL Ways of Working are now well established and embedded into the way we work at UCL. 

The Ways of Working were launched in May 2019 and since then have been used by teams across UCL in all stages of the employee journey. They can be used to support appraisals and one-to-ones as well as in new staff inductions, and HR have adapted recruitment processes and templates to include the Ways of Working in job descriptions and person specifications. The Ways of Working are now the basis of four of the One UCL staff awards, with nominators asked to provide evidence about how the person they are nominating delivers their work in ways outlined by the framework. 

As such the projects have been transitioned to business as usual and now sit in Human Resources in the Organisational Development, with Loleta Fahad continuing as Head of Career Pathways. 

Further Career Frameworks will be developed in partnership with staff from each job family and published over the next 12-14 months - starting with Frameworks for colleagues working in IT, Data and Insight, and Operations Management roles. And the team will continue to promote the UCL Ways of Working – they’re currently working to ensure they are included in existing UCL training courses and leadership development programmes, as well as considering how they can further support our apprentice schemes. 

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