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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Digital education

Technology enhances your teaching. Take a look at the range of tools available at UCL and the support to maximise their potential.
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A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that facilitates the creation of online courses or spaces equipped with a range of tools to enhance and support learning, teaching and course administration for all UCL staff and students. Find out more on the Digi-ed webpages.

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An internet-based plagiarism detection service. Students can submit work which is checked against a database of submitted papers, web pages and publications. Staff can also use Turnitin to mark and provide feedback. Find out more on the Turnitin wiki.

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A tool for scheduling and recording lectures held in UCL Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces. Recordings can be made available to students via their Moodle courses to support student learning. Find out more on the Digi-ed webpages.

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An open-source e-portfolio tool that provides users with a private online space in which to create and collect digital artefacts to be displayed on web pages which can be shared with an audience of the author’s choosing. Find out more on the MyPortfolio wiki.

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Digital assessment

At UCL, e-assessment is supported via the institution's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle. It provides a variety of assessment and feedback tools from quizzes to the submission of assignments and combines feedback across modules in the MyFeedback tool. Find out more on the Teaching & Learning Portal.

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Electronic voting systems

In a variety of formats, these can be used to increase student engagement by allowing a lecturer to pose multiple choice questions in class to which students can respond immediately and anonymously. Find out more on the Digi-ed webpages.

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Web conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time web/video conferencing tool: run webinars and meetings online where you can record, add files, use text chat, video or audio links, share applications/screens or a virtual whiteboard to interact. Find out more on the Digi-ed webpages.

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Open educational resources (OER)

OpenEd@UCL is UCL’s beta repository for open educational materials. Find out what OER is, why it’s worth using, how to use and create it, and where to find it. You can also learn more about open education practice across UCL, and how you can get involved on the OER website.

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An online reading list service, supported by the Library, which gives students access to materials on their reading lists wherever they have Internet access and allows academics to create and update their own lists. Find out more on the UCL Library Services webpage.

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UCLeXtend is UCL’s public-facing online learning environment for delivery of non-credit bearing short courses for CPD, executive education, and outreach purposes. The platform is open to all UCL staff and students in addition to members of the public.