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Want to pilot automatic transcripts for your Lecturecast recordings?

30 July 2019

Digital Education seeks Lecturecast users to try out automatic speech recognition functionality.

Students in lecture

UCL Digital Education is seeking colleagues who already use Lecturecast to try out ‘automatic speech recognition’ (ASR) functionality. 

Invaluable support for students

ASR has the potential to provide invaluable additional support for students with hearing difficulties, and will provide useful additional information for all students. 

Testing the system

However, the system needs to be tested with a range of voices, accents and subjects – including those with specialist vocabulary – to assess the accuracy of the resulting transcripts, and how much work might be involved to correct them. 

We would also like to explore how useful students in pilot groups find the service. 

The project has been prompted by the legislation that came into law last autumn to ensure that digital content is accessible by everyone.

Get Involved

To express an interest in joining the pilot please email digitalaccessibility@ucl.ac.uk