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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Closing the loop: informing students how their feedback has impacted UCL

The You Shaped UCL campaign demonstrates improvements that have been inspired by student feedback, thus ‘closing the loop’ on the feedback cycle at UCL.

UCL has implemented numerous changes in response to student feedback, and staff are encouraged to share the improvements detailed on the You Shaped UCL landing page, including the animated video.

However, students often feel most strongly about changes in their own department or faculty, so contacting your students with details of any specific local improvements is extremely valuable.

Departments, schools and divisions can use the editable You Shaped UCL templates to create their own, tailored ‘closing the loop’ campaigns.

Running a campaign to highlight the positive changes made in a department may help the department secure a higher Student Voice score in the National Student Survey, particularly in response to NSS Question 25: ‘it is clear how students’ feedback on the course has been acted on’. 

Resources to help you run a campaign

Using ASER to communicate progress

The Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) in each department provides another good opportunity to show students how their feedback has inspired local improvements. 

Providing Student Representatives with updates on progress against the ASER Action Plan is another way in which departments can ‘close the loop’ on feedback.